You Are Not Above The Law

Remember back in the 2013 post Sandy Hook era? I remember it well. Ammo and firearms flew off the shelves, conspiracies were passed around, and accusations flew back and forth across the pro-rights (pro-gun) and anti-rights (anti-gun) line. A lot can be said about that time, but I want to focus on specific part of that time period.

If you don’t remember, many companies started to put in place new polices where they would refuse to sell items, that are restricted to civilians, to law enforcement officers of those states. One of these several companies was J&T Distributing. You may know J&T better by their other companies they are affiliated with which include DoubleStar Corp and Ace LTD. Ace is a manufacturer of stocks for various weapons.

Here is the statement posted on back on Feb 19 2013 that is still there today.

Due to the recent changes in 2nd Amendment laws that are pending or currently enforced by states across the country, the J&T Family of Companies which includes J&T Distributing, DoubleStar Corp., Ace Limited, and the DoubleStar Training Academy has been forced to reassess our policies regarding government and law enforcement sales. Effective immediately, the J&T Family of Companies will be joining other manufacturers and distributors by ceasing sales of regulated items in states that have altered the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.

The JTFOC will no longer sell prohibited items to law enforcement agencies or any government agencies in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their law abiding citizens. We hope other companies will join us with their support. We applaud those already involved with this effort to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

Be Victorious

So I decided to call down to J&T to see how they are doing several years down the road with this policy still in place. I talked to an excellent guy named Nick. He told me about how several law enforcement officers had expressed their displeasure at the policy, but that the response from the private/civilian sector had been overwhelming. I swelled with pride to know that thousands of my fellow patriots had praised and supported this new policy.

Nick also told me how J&T is heavily involved with the NRA, NFA-TCA, and the NSSF. These are all organizations that promote rights, especially gun rights. What I like most about this policy, and the encouragement of  J&T for other companies to follow suit, is that it discourages law enforcement from supporting anti-rights/ anti-gun bills in their respective states. It also denies those items to be purchased to level the playing field.

I am of the opinion that if it’s too dangerous for me to have an item, then I certainly don’t want a law enforcement official to have it roaming around my streets either. This is a nation of free people. We cannot, and should not, be second class citizens to a privileged few who can ride rough shod over us whenever they please. If every company that produces equipment, firearms, and accessories refused to sell those items to law enforcement in places where it’s restricted for civilians to own them, then we would have a lot less of these anti-rights laws passing.

In the long run a few companies here and there will not affect the change we want, but the most important thing to take away from this is that at least they tried. Which is more than most people, and companies can say. When the chips were down, they chose the side of freedom and liberty. We should at least lend our support to these companies for standing up for what is morally correct. And like Nick said to me on the phone “We are real Americans making real American stuff”… for the everyday American. I applaud J&T and hope that they continue to fight the good fight, and I encourage you other manufactures to join companies like J&T to affect positive change in our great nation.


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