When Tyranny Abounds

Senate Bill 941 passed just a few minutes ago in the Oregon house. It goes next to Governor Kate Brown, who will likely sign it into law. Without going into the bill too much, it basically is a universal back round check system that would include back round check even if loaning a firearm to a friend for the day. As any sane person knows back round checks will never stop criminals from getting weapons to hurt people. Evidence of this abounds across the globe almost every day.

I watched the house debate this measure for some time today online. What stuck me right away was how ridiculous the whole thing was. I have rarely watched politicians debate on the floor, but this time I took a step back and saw it for what it really was. Some might call it a concession of liberty, I would call it tyranny. It was amazing to see the speaker of the house just skim over the procedural rules, after the bill passed. I am saddened that we live in a society that claims to be free yet we sit and watch while our real freedoms are eroded away like it was nothing.

Very soon there will be a recall vote for Rep Val Hoyle. She is one of the main sponsors of this bill. I assume before that there will even be a rally in opposition to this bill. This is the time when the chips are down folks. Now is the time when you can stand up and do something. There is no more time to wait. Join the effort to recall Val Hoyle and come to Salem to protest this bill. Heck start a recall effort on your represetative if they voted for the bill. Write governor Kate Brown, and ask her to veto this bill. Our efforts may fall on deaf ears, but at least you can look yourself in the mirror at night and know that at least you tried. You owe it to our children, and our nation.

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