Waffle House Robbery Stopped by Concealed Carrier

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Recently A robbery was stopped at a Waffle House outside of Atlanta by a concealed weapon carrier. The suspect entered and shouted for no one to move and then pointed his weapon at an off duty Atlanta police officer, Jonathan Sutton. The man sitting next to the officer drew his weapon and fired on the robber twice. The robber was shipped off to the hospital.

This is a perfect example of how crime is often stopped not by the police, but by an armed citizen or the threat of armed citizens. Good guys with guns, stop bad guys with guns. This is, and has, always been the case if any statistics of any value are examined. The cat is out of the bag on inventing guns, and banning them will do you no good. Someone of moderate intelligence and a few basic hand tools can create a firearm in their garage.

What is very apparent is that those who would seek to ban firearms have ulterior motives. Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control. If we do not start making more people aware of the douche baggery, corruption, and evilness of these representatives and politicians then we will never win this “war” that is being brought against us and the American system.

It is imperative that you become well educated in what is going on so that you can pass the information along, and correct people where they are ignorant of facts. If you wanna know what you can do, do that.

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