The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation

They called them the “Greatest Generation”. They fought back the cruel blitzkrieg of the Nazi’s, brought the Japanese empire to its knees, rebuilt our failing economy, and brought us into the modern computerized era. All these feats were certainly great accomplishments. But I beg to differ on these supposed “Greatest Americans”. First let’s look at what constitutes a “Great American”. A “Great American” is one of republican values, one of a moral code, one who participates in the political process, and one who is loyal to God, country, and family.

Republican values are those of a republic. In our case, as Americans, they are the values of a constitutional republic. A constitutional republic is a nation that is based on the rule of law. The constitution, the law, is what governs our representatives. This law prevents our representatives from doing things they should not. It creates limits to their authority. Our constitutional republic allows our federal government very little power, but they have subverted the constitution to their own ends. And our “Greatest Generation” was there when this was happening.

A moral code is often thought of as only religious, and while one could argue that is the case, for this argument I will just say that a moral code is necessary. This code is usually passed down from one generation to another by a family. The family is the core of creating “great Americans”. When a family is broken and split it becomes vulnerable to the pitfalls of this world. There is no safety net provided by community and family. There is no discipline for children. There is no repercussions for abandoning the moral code to become corrupt. And our “Greatest Generation” was there while this was happening.

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom in America. Constantly watching and redressing our representatives and recalling them from office should be the norm. This is the path to Americans peaceful revolution. Every day political activity and awareness is the duty of us as citizens of a constitutional republic. Without these things corruption goes unchecked and unanswered by the people, and leads ultimately to tyranny. And our “Greatest Generation” was there when this was happening.

Loyalty to whatever god you choose, to The Republic and to family are what bind us together as a nation. If Americans were to just follow what is laid out in the constitution we would not be under the same tyranny we have today. But instead the fact that we even sit down to debate with these immoral, disloyal, republican value hating people is absurd. It should not even enter into our minds that we are to debate on a comprise to our natural rights. And our “Greatest Generation” was there when this was happening.

In reality our “Greatest Generation” was no more than people who did a little more than other generations, but allowed, or even encouraged, tyranny to thrive in America. Truly the “Greatest Generation” of Americans will be the ones who are willing to pick up their pens, and if necessary their swords, and bring about a second American Revolution. My question to you is are you going to be that generation? Or will you fade into history as just another generation that put their heads down, suffers their chains, and then willingly placed them upon their children’s shoulders.

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