Sugar Pine Miners Stand off with the BLM

There has been much misinformation and many misconceptions about the Galice Creek Mining district in Josephine County in southern Oregon. Being a 5th generation Oregonian, and a lover of freedom and liberty I am concerned any time the government shows up and threaten to burn things to the ground as some reports have stated.

I just got off the phone with Kirby Jackson, who is on the Galice Creek mining board, and he told me that he would like me to relay some information to the public.

Posted 23 Hours ago

“Breaking official news from Galice – One of the mine owners has informed myself and the second owner by phone, that he has spoken to Sheriff Dave Daniel. Daniel stated that he has received many phone calls this morning from around the country. In turn, he has spoken to Medford BLM about the brewing situation at Galice, Oregon. BLM has assured him that they are not taking action at this time. In light of BLM’s long history of utilizing deceptive tactics and well known reputation for dishonesty, the mine site will continue to be secured. The owners request that all interested persons remain on standby.” Kirby Jackson


Posted 27 minutes ago.

Contrary to reports otherwise, all is calm in Galice, Oregon According to the attorney representing the mine, he spoke with BLM Special Agent Mike Swindon who told him that BLM is standing down. It is also reported that BLM has no LEO presence west of Merlin. Despite this, the mine owners continue to have a distrust of BLM and efforts are still to keep the mine infrastructure secure from destruction or theft by run amok “land managers”. In the meantime, the internet is aflutter with all kinds of rumors. As I said earlier, if you do not hear it from Oathkeepers or myself, it is NOT official. We are currently working on an official release of information, including pertinent documents. Stay tuned.” -Kerby Jackson

The Miners have asked that no one else come to the area at this time, but to stand by. This is from the Oath keepers.

Sugar Pine Mine Security Operation Mission
11 April 2015
At the request of the Sugar Pine Mining Claim owners, Oath Keepers of Josephine County mission is to ensure the mining claim owners’ 5th Amendment Constitutional Right to Due Process is not violated by the Bureau of Land Management.


Mary Emerick
Public Information Officer
Oath Keepers of Josephine County

Clinton Chard
Logistics Coordinator
Oath Keepers of Josephine County

All responders and media personnel are required to check in at the staging area before going to the camp site.

2491 Camp Joy Road
Grants Pass (Merlin), Oregon, 97526

•I5 – Exit 61
•West on Merlin / Galice Road – 1.0 mi
•Left onto Jaime Ln – 0.2 mi
•Right onto Camp Joy Rd – 0.1 mi
•Right to stay on Camp Joy Rd – 0.2 mi
•Left onto Walden

After staging check-in, those who are approved to transit to the camp site must comply with the following rules:
•No Drinking
•No Drugs
•All Access in and out is controlled by security (Limited Access and Emergency Access)
•Establish your own team leader / representative under Oath Keepers
•Bring cold weather gear, rain gear, own food and supplies
•You are accountable for your personal belongings
•Rules of Engagement: Always Self Defense – If a person shows means, opportunity and intent STOP the threat.
•We are not allowing trespass, threat to life or damage to property or illegal seizures.
•No one talks to the media or to anyone outside the area about the operation. (All media and information comes from Oath Keepers Josephine County leadership)
•Reaction team will meet contact.
•Bring your own communications. (Preferably Baofeng UV-5R / BF-F8+ to simplify programming and setup.)”

I was told by Mr. Jackson that he will keep me updated. If need be I will go and investigate myself. At this time I am standing by for more information.

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