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I recently read an article on the Modern Service Weapon Blog, MSW. In the article the author, Hilton Yam, gave some great advice about attending training classes with reputable instructors. I couldn’t agree more with the overall concept of seeking instruction from good sources. But the whole time I was reading his article I thought he would touch on innovation, or maybe new instructors.

Like Mr. Yam says in his article If you are seeking SWAT instruction it is probably a good idea to get someone who has experience in SWAT tactics, or a veteran of a SWAT team to teach you. However I didn’t hear him speak of innovation. Thing like SEAL teams and SWAT are not divinely imparted on the world by a benevolent god of war from Vahalla. These tactics are honed from years of experience and/or forward thinkers. I think that mentioning the fact that there can be innovation in tactics from relative amateurs is worth noting.

I also think that Mr. Yam did not give enough credit due to people who are professionals and forward thinkers who have a lot to offer people who may not be in a similar profession. Let me explain. Massad Ayoob has been a police officer and firearms manipulation instructor for longer than most of us in the industry have been alive. He has certainly never been on a SEAL team, but I would recommend one of his courses to everyone no matter what job they hold.

I have a personal friend, whom asked me not to mention his name, who trained different elements of our military in long range shooting instruction. My friend is not even a veteran, but he has something to offer anyone who wants to understand shooting concepts.

I have another friend who is a young man and a civilian who is a life long shooter and competitor. He is self driven and picked up a lot of his knowledge in classes. His ability to understand concepts and then relate those concepts to other people makes him a far superior teacher of those concepts than someone else who may have more experience, but no teaching ability.

In closing I’d say I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Yam that people should generally stick to what they know, but I’d say that we shouldn’t discount the innovators out there. ┬áCommon sense and google is your friend when investigating an instructor or a certain line of instruction. If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

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