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First of let’s just be honest, SHTF is almost here already. People are bartering more and more these days. How much and what you are bartering for just depends on the circumstances of what is currently going on in society. We will examine here today a very bad societal collapse. Barter is a good way to get things you need without involving money. To maximize the value of what you have to barter all you need to do is examine what you would need in your daily life. The basics are water, food, security/shelter, and medicine/ soap. SHTF Barter Items Video

Water  Rain Water Harvesting Video Playlist

1 QT CanteenWater Purification Video

Water is by far the most important thing to affect your survival. Even in areas with plenty of water you will need ways to have clean water. Without clean water you will die very fast. Obviously first of all having the water in the first place is the first step. Water Storage Pyramid Video You can set up large rain water harvesting, which is great because it’s already at your position and stored, or you can seek out sources of water nearby. Having the ability to filter and purify your water is almost as important as having the water itself. This makes purified water, or the ability to purify it, probably the most valuable SHTF barter item.  Rain Water Dispensing Video


Food Food Storage Basics Playlist

food pyramid


After potable water, food is the next thing you will need to survive. You will not have the energy to perform any tasks at all if you cannot eat. Food that is good for long term storage is great to buy now, but how will you store food when the SHTF? You may consider large amounts of salt are great for curing meats, canning supplies, and a cool dark place to store it all. Of course livestock is also a great thing to have for barter as well. So not just food itself, but ways to store it for later are going to be a great way to have added value to your SHTF Barter items.


Security/ Shelter  8 Firearms Every Prepper Should Own Video

camo  Go To 3 Firearms For SHTF Video

Security in my opinion covers both security from nature, animals, elements, etc. and security from people who mean you harm. Being able to provide something for someone to protect the water and food you just bartered to them is almost as invaluable as those items. If they cannot keep them safe, then those items are worthless. Firearms are a surefire way for people to defend themselves from almost any threat. If you are in the United States like I am then you are lucky to have access to a wide variety of them. This is where having a huge amount of common ammunition and common magazines for firearms comes into play as a barter item. Of course having shelter from the elements is also very important and having access to appropriate clothing for your local climate to barter is great as well.


Medicine/ Soap Home Made Laundry Soap Video


IFAK Basic Ifak Video  Extended Ifak Video

Medicine, soap, and medical equipment is essential to improving your quality of life in SHTF and makes great barter items. Antibiotics and soap are probably the two biggest things separating us from our cushy modern lifestyle and the middle ages. These two items are number one for this category of SHTF barter items. Having the equipment to do other medical procedures for barter can be helpful as well.

4 Medical Preps That Can Save Your Life Video

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