Sen Chris Murphy is Scared of Your Guns

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Recently Sen Chris Murphey (Conn) stated that those who wanted high-capacity magazine were more interested in “arming against the government”… than hunting. He stated “Think of the damage someone could do in U.S. capital with 30 rounds”. First of all bravo sir for knowing that “rounds” go in a magazine, not bullets.  My praise has to stop there though. Because I have a secret to tell Sen Chris Murphy.

Well it’s not really a secret. I do think about the damage 30 rounds could do in the U.S. capital. That is why I have 75 round drums. “A well regulated militia being necessary to a free state”. We, the people, are the Militia, and we are a necessity to the security of a free state. I own weapons of war because you exist Chris Murphy. I do not bow and scrap before you. You will, and should be, afraid of we the people. Because I am a free and sovereign man of a free nation, and I am not afraid of you and your thugs.

I will stand up and announce to the world that my human rights are not up for negotiation. I can, and should, bear whatever arms I deem necessary to affect my freedom here in this country. If I decide that .50 caliber machine guns need to be mounted on the four corners of my roof in fortified positions is necessary, then it will be so. If I decide to open carry my firearm, then I will. It’s not up to you, or anyone else, to decide how I pursue my freedom.

The only solution to the overreach of our federal government in my estimation is that we need to build a wall. Not a wall along our borders with other countries, a wall around Washington D.C. When a representative is elected they should receive an ankle tracking device, and then a series of artillery batteries mounted along the wall should be constantly tracking their movement. If we had our representatives literally held at gun point, I can guarantee that they would think twice about violating our rights.

Our human rights are not negotiable, your temporary privilege of representing us (Chris Murphy) should be  done under the supervision of your well armed constituents. Now shut  up, and sit down.


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