Robin Williams Died Today, And I Don’t Care

Robin Williams

Another celebrity died today. Apparently by his own hand. I’m not sure why this is even news. Over 20 American military veterans committed suicide, and that was just today. Why isn’t that news? You know why? Because the public is to too concerned with fools like Robin Williams to care that they are accountable for the deaths of these veterans because they have not insisted on ending the pointless wars. Because the public doesn’t give a shit that thousands of military veterans are homeless due to untreated illnesses. Because the American public is just plain shameful. Every time I see some famous idiot in the news for killing themselves I think about my brothers that die every day, by their own hands, or their enemies. I hope you do too.


This is for all the haters and naysayers who have criticized me for calling Robin Williams a fool.

Robin Williams, Born in Chicago, raised in Detroit. Robin Williams was most likely an atheist. He often mocked God and Christianity. Plenty of evidence of that on youtube. He was a staunch supporter of the democratic party. He donated more than 150,000 dollars to liberal and left leaning special interest groups. He is also described as being “one of the most liberal actors in Hollywood” And no big surprise here he is ANTI-GUN.

Robin Williams “Peace Plan” was not even him.

Just because Robin Williams did a few USO shows and supports the troops doesn’t all of a sudden make him a great guy. The original post has little to do with Robin Williams or his agendas, that was something YOU the viewer imparted on the blog post. The blog post is about Americans who don’t give a shit about military veterans dying by the thousands.


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