Rick Barclay (Sugar Pine Mine Owner) Speaks out.

Rick Barclay has met with a television news station recently to explain his problems with the BLM and the situation he is facing. I do not wish to speak to something I do not know fully about, but the link is below so you can watch.


I am meeting with a man tomorrow, whom I know from the Bundy Ranch stand off last year, that has been on site at the mine for some time now. I will gather more information from him and then make a plan to go to the mine myself in the next few days.

From what I have gathered from various conversations with people this is another case of the BLM attempting to step in and do whatever they want without care to the law. This is NOT currently an all hands on deck situation. I would recommend anyone within a few hours driving distance have their bags packed though. I will post again tomorrow after meeting with boots on the ground.

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