Quit Training, Start Doing


I recently went to the Sugar Pine mine to investigate the BLM’s attempt to red tape another hard working citizen out of their rightfully attained property. What struck me as mind boggling is I saw pictures on facebook when I got home of people who claim to be patriots going to training classes during this time. Granted some of these people run the training schools as a business and can’t leave, and some other people have obligations and can’t go to support the miners. But why would a supposed patriot attend a weekend class, when right down the road is a real world situation where their training could be put to good use? They could even possibly get some instruction along with this real world experience.

I still don’t know why any patriot would skip out on this opportunity, but I’d like to challenge all of you who claim to be patriots to examine your lives, and asses whether or not you can sacrifice your weekend training, or relaxing time, to go help some real people in a real crisis.

The second thing that seems to keep coming up is people claim either that they will come when things get “really serious”, or that they will support the cause when “things kick off”. I would say that a government agency threatening to burn down someone’s business without due process is pretty “serious”. To the sunshine patriot riding on the coat tails of those who are putting in the efforts now, all I have only one thing to say.┬áIf you can’t pick up a pen and write a senator now, or show up to a protest, or support a neighbor in need then I doubt you will be by my side when the lead starts to fly, and I wouldn’t want you there anyway.

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