BLM v Bundy Phase 2

Photo by Rob Cameron

Photo by Rob Cameron

In April 1775, the colonist militias successfully thwarted a British attack on the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and weapon cashes in Concord without firing a single shot. Their demonstration of unified strength, rallied by the cries of men like Paul Revere, forced the British to terminate their planned operation to confiscate weapons.

These patriots won the day, but were unable to forge that victory into a peaceful restraint on the Crown’s desire to subjugate the Colonies. The British merely regrouped to consider the political and newly realized tactical implications to accomplish their objective.

Officially, the BLM has stated that it only suspended its roundup operation in lieu of “safety considerations”, and that it still intends to resolve the dispute “administratively and judicially”.

We must make all efforts to cement this weekend’s victory with immediate legislative restraint on the BLM and corresponding agencies. Now is the time for our legislature to demonstrate that it holds the interest of the people and the peace of this nation in the highest priority. Our president, who comments immediately on open state murder trials, has yet to utter a word on a matter to which he has direct oversight.

We must advocate that the BLM:
1) Be removed of its authority to unilaterally effect any closures of public land; and that any court-ordered limited-closure must be enforced exclusively at the discretion of the local duly-elected sheriff of the county whose borders contain the public lands in question; and

2) That the states be given the authority to define, or direct a process to determine, the applicability of federal legislation regarding public lands within its borders that has not been specifically enumerated in the legislation but rather deferred to discretion of the agencies within the Department of the Interior or other applicable agency.

It is critical that we make use of the legislative and judicial process to reassert our rights, and work to bring the control of regulation closer to the people whom it affects.

Video: “The Truth About the BLM”

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Stay In Your Lane


I recently read an article on the Modern Service Weapon Blog, MSW. In the article the author, Hilton Yam, gave some great advice about attending training classes with reputable instructors. I couldn’t agree more with the overall concept of seeking instruction from good sources. But the whole time I was reading his article I thought he would touch on innovation, or maybe new instructors.

Like Mr. Yam says in his article If you are seeking SWAT instruction it is probably a good idea to get someone who has experience in SWAT tactics, or a veteran of a SWAT team to teach you. However I didn’t hear him speak of innovation. Thing like SEAL teams and SWAT are not divinely imparted on the world by a benevolent god of war from Vahalla. These tactics are honed from years of experience and/or forward thinkers. I think that mentioning the fact that there can be innovation in tactics from relative amateurs is worth noting.

I also think that Mr. Yam did not give enough credit due to people who are professionals and forward thinkers who have a lot to offer people who may not be in a similar profession. Let me explain. Massad Ayoob has been a police officer and firearms manipulation instructor for longer than most of us in the industry have been alive. He has certainly never been on a SEAL team, but I would recommend one of his courses to everyone no matter what job they hold.

I have a personal friend, whom asked me not to mention his name, who trained different elements of our military in long range shooting instruction. My friend is not even a veteran, but he has something to offer anyone who wants to understand shooting concepts.

I have another friend who is a young man and a civilian who is a life long shooter and competitor. He is self driven and picked up a lot of his knowledge in classes. His ability to understand concepts and then relate those concepts to other people makes him a far superior teacher of those concepts than someone else who may have more experience, but no teaching ability.

In closing I’d say I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Yam that people should generally stick to what they know, but I’d say that we shouldn’t discount the innovators out there.  Common sense and google is your friend when investigating an instructor or a certain line of instruction. If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

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Death of Mikhail Kalashnikov, The Passing of an Era


Mikhail Kalashnikov died today of old age. The iconic designer of the AK-47 style rifle, the PKM, the RPK, and other Russian weapons. I remember an interview with him many years ago where he said he wished he would be remembered as an inventor and tinkerer as well as his weapons designs.

I called Tim from the Military Arms Channel and was chatting with him about how this was really the end of an era. There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in firearms technology since World War 2. Many designs are based on the Kalashnikov or Stoner Designs. Other technologies, such as projectiles, haven’t really been improved on either.

While it is sad that such a great designer as Mikhail Kalashnikov is dead, I hope this ushers in a new era of firearms technology. A lot of things have been tried from rocket bullets to cartridgeless projectiles, but I think the future is in energy based weapons. There is a long way to go to figure out powering them and making them lethal, but our next great gun designers might come from the science geeks instead of machinists.

So I’ll raise a glass tonight for one of the greatest weapons designers the world has ever seen, I look hopefully into the future for exciting and innovative times.


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New Multicam Patterns

Multicam, developed by Crye Precision, stormed the scene in the tactical world a few years ago. It has been adopted by some US Army units, and it looks like it may be adapted universally in the near future. Crye Precision recently released several new patterns that are specific to certain climates though. So lets go check em out.

multicam_aridMulticam Arid

This pattern is similar to the original sans a lot of the green. I like this color and think it would be great for many dry areas. I can see dudes in parts of the Afghanistan benefiting from this pattern.


multicam_tropicMulticam Tropic

Having spent some time in the jungles of Okinawa and Singapore I can see where this pattern would come in great use. However I like this pattern the least out of the new ones.


multicam_alpineMulticam Alpine

This is by far the most needed camo in my opinion. There have been lots of winter/ snow camouflage over the years, but this one I like the best out of what I have seen. Hopefully people start making covering garments in this pattern.


multicam_black Multicam Black

This one is by far the coolest pattern. I don’t see a ton of practical uses for this pattern for most people, but I like it the best. One thing people tell me often is that black is great for night or urban ops, and what I always point out to them is that concrete is still grey and grass is still green at night.

Stay tuned for more in the future on the new Multicam patterns.

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An Attack On American Values

Over the last year or so we have seen an increase in two somewhat related things in the rights and the gun communities. The first one being attacks on liberty, rights, and American values by so called “second amendment supporters”. The second being an increase in protests involving the carrying and display of firearms. I think these things are somewhat related.

Lets first address the what American values are. Our Constitution guarantees us a republican form of government, Article 4 Section 4. A republican form of government is a form of representatives that are supposed to represent those who elect him, or her. But we live not only in a republic, but a constitutional republic. This means that our representatives are bound by law to not infringe on our individual liberties in certain ways, or they are ruled by law.

So if our individual liberties are supposed to be protected, celebrated, and inalienable why are some of these “gun rights supporters” attacking these very basic concepts of individual liberty? I think that it is partially out of ignorance and partially out of societal conditioning. For quite some time now we have taught, or been taught, that we should suppress our individual desires for the sake of the community at large. This is not only ridiculous, but an affront to basic American values of individual liberty. These collectivist ideas need to be challenged and shunned by those of us that do understand individual liberty. There should be no tolerance for collectivism in a free society.

This brings me to activism. The growing number of young people challenging illegal searches and seizures has been an awesome and exciting time. Those “gun rights supporters” attacking rights have been dealt with exactly how they should have been. Dick Metcalf was fired and his editor resigned in the wake of his statements, Jerry Tsai resigned after his attack on liberty, and others have been rebuffed after posting similar attacks. On top of this many law enforcement agencies, that have been trampling all over our rights, have been sued and re-education programs have been instituted in the wake of activists willing to push the envelope of freedom.

Maybe some of these activists are doing it out of a desperate cry for attention to themselves, but either way it furthers the ideals of liberty and freedom. Bringing attention to yourself, and your cause, is the purpose of activism in the first place. I keep hearing that these activists are “irresponsible” or “not helping the cause”. I couldn’t disagree more. First of all, what cause is more desirable than freedom, and what could be more responsible than defending liberty? If these activists are “irresponsible” and “not helping the cause” then you can say the same thing about Martin Luther King Jr. or the Sons of Liberty, who founded this nation on activism. And both of these examples broke the laws of the land to bring attention to their cause, where these current activist haven’t even done that.

The fact that pro-rights activists are already receiving resistance from the “gun rights supporters”, before they even get to civil disobedience is a clear sign that ignorance has been deeply ingrained in Americans. One thing has been made abundantly clear to me in the last few years, and that is that change, for the good, is coming. People, especially young people, are beginning to understand what American values are. I hope they are going to bring about a movement back to liberty and freedom. If you do not understand or are not willing to help, then I suggest you get out of the way, or you will go the way of the Metcalfs and Tsais in this world. Because the reality is that if you do not support individual liberty, then you are the one who is being “irresponsible” and “not helping the cause”.

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“The Last Stand”

The Last Stand

This is a pretty awesome and cheap set up that I am honestly surprised no one has thought of before. The owner and creator of “The Last Stand” is a great guy that I met through the Tactical Beard Owners Club actually. I like that it is cheap and effective for what you get. If you guys are interested in this you should check it out, I ordered some myself and will review them in the near future.

Check em out if you are interested here.

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SHTF Barter Items, Beans/ Bullets/ Bandaids

First of let’s just be honest, SHTF is almost here already. People are bartering more and more these days. How much and what you are bartering for just depends on the circumstances of what is currently going on in society. We will examine here today a very bad societal collapse. Barter is a good way to get things you need without involving money. To maximize the value of what you have to barter all you need to do is examine what you would need in your daily life. The basics are water, food, security/shelter, and medicine/ soap. SHTF Barter Items Video

Water  Rain Water Harvesting Video Playlist

1 QT CanteenWater Purification Video

Water is by far the most important thing to affect your survival. Even in areas with plenty of water you will need ways to have clean water. Without clean water you will die very fast. Obviously first of all having the water in the first place is the first step. Water Storage Pyramid Video You can set up large rain water harvesting, which is great because it’s already at your position and stored, or you can seek out sources of water nearby. Having the ability to filter and purify your water is almost as important as having the water itself. This makes purified water, or the ability to purify it, probably the most valuable SHTF barter item.  Rain Water Dispensing Video


Food Food Storage Basics Playlist

food pyramid


After potable water, food is the next thing you will need to survive. You will not have the energy to perform any tasks at all if you cannot eat. Food that is good for long term storage is great to buy now, but how will you store food when the SHTF? You may consider large amounts of salt are great for curing meats, canning supplies, and a cool dark place to store it all. Of course livestock is also a great thing to have for barter as well. So not just food itself, but ways to store it for later are going to be a great way to have added value to your SHTF Barter items.


Security/ Shelter  8 Firearms Every Prepper Should Own Video

camo  Go To 3 Firearms For SHTF Video

Security in my opinion covers both security from nature, animals, elements, etc. and security from people who mean you harm. Being able to provide something for someone to protect the water and food you just bartered to them is almost as invaluable as those items. If they cannot keep them safe, then those items are worthless. Firearms are a surefire way for people to defend themselves from almost any threat. If you are in the United States like I am then you are lucky to have access to a wide variety of them. This is where having a huge amount of common ammunition and common magazines for firearms comes into play as a barter item. Of course having shelter from the elements is also very important and having access to appropriate clothing for your local climate to barter is great as well.


Medicine/ Soap Home Made Laundry Soap Video


IFAK Basic Ifak Video  Extended Ifak Video

Medicine, soap, and medical equipment is essential to improving your quality of life in SHTF and makes great barter items. Antibiotics and soap are probably the two biggest things separating us from our cushy modern lifestyle and the middle ages. These two items are number one for this category of SHTF barter items. Having the equipment to do other medical procedures for barter can be helpful as well.

4 Medical Preps That Can Save Your Life Video

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Reloading Tips: Part 1

These PDFs are not meant to replace precise reloading data for specific cartridge loads, but it is a good general guide for primer size to cartridge association. I personally use these as a quick reference guide when buying primers.

Primer Size Chart 1

Primer Size Chart 2

Primer Size Chart 3

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Waffle House Robbery Stopped by Concealed Carrier

wafflehouseoutsideNews Video

Recently A robbery was stopped at a Waffle House outside of Atlanta by a concealed weapon carrier. The suspect entered and shouted for no one to move and then pointed his weapon at an off duty Atlanta police officer, Jonathan Sutton. The man sitting next to the officer drew his weapon and fired on the robber twice. The robber was shipped off to the hospital.

This is a perfect example of how crime is often stopped not by the police, but by an armed citizen or the threat of armed citizens. Good guys with guns, stop bad guys with guns. This is, and has, always been the case if any statistics of any value are examined. The cat is out of the bag on inventing guns, and banning them will do you no good. Someone of moderate intelligence and a few basic hand tools can create a firearm in their garage.

What is very apparent is that those who would seek to ban firearms have ulterior motives. Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control. If we do not start making more people aware of the douche baggery, corruption, and evilness of these representatives and politicians then we will never win this “war” that is being brought against us and the American system.

It is imperative that you become well educated in what is going on so that you can pass the information along, and correct people where they are ignorant of facts. If you wanna know what you can do, do that.

Political Action in Salem from The Hoss

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McNett Tactical Line Launched

McNett TacticalMcNett Tactical Line SHOT Show 2013

McNett is that awesome company that brought you Camo-Form (Camo Form Video). This is one of my favorite products from McNett and is certainly one of the coolest items they sell, but McNett is much more than that. In addition to their awesome Gear-Aid (Synthetic Cloth Cleaner Video) line in which they offer tons of stuff to field repair gear, and their awesome Aquamira (Water Purification Video) line that has tons of water purification items, as well as their Outgo, and M-essentials lines, they are now launching their Tactical Line.

Camo Form line(Camo Form)

Now the Tactical word always seemed a little over used for my personal taste, but it is what it is, and it kinda helps identify the line of gear they will produce. I like that McNett is looking to bring the versatility, usefulness, and innovation of their Aquamira and Gear Aid lines into the tactical world. Currently they are offering only a few new items, but I have spent some time with them on the phone and they are looking to expand and innovate into the Tactical world.

I am excited to see what they will come up with and they have expressed an interest in working with me possibly in the future to develop some cool items. I am adding some links below to many of the awesome products that I have already reviewed from McNett. I suggest you check them out and I think you will find a bunch of gear that you will find will make your life easier in your adventures.

Camo Cravat Video   Dive Knife Video   Micro Fiber Towel Video  Waterless Wash Video   Camo Form @ SHOT Show 2012 Video


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