Open Carry, Just Because You Can…

Recently David Reeder at Recoil Magazine Web blog wrote an obviously bias article, it’s in the title Dave, on open carry. He sought out quite a few well respected, well most of them, trainers in firearms and manipulations, and asked them their thoughts on open carry. Mr. Reeder failed to include anyone that actually open carries and what their opinion might be. Even though he stated that he had seen some of the open carry videos on Youtube he failed to contact even one of them.( CORRECTIONMr. Reeder did NOT say that he sought out youtube videos, I misquoted someone he quoted. Mr. Reeder solely sought the opinions of people that he knew for the articleCORRECTION). At the very least he failed to contact me, who has the most popular open carry video on the internet.

That doesn’t mean I am the expert in open carry or tactics, but it certainly means Mr. Reeder was dishonest in choosing who he interviewed. This is to be expected from a rag like Recoil Magazine, which has a track record of putting more emphasis on telling you how to exercise your rights, than to actually create articles that are accurate or informational.

The only picture that he included of someone open carrying was a young man who was obviously not practicing the best situational awareness, and Mr. Reeder also included an example of an overweight man who was dressed sloppily. I didn’t know it was Recoil Magazine’s job to ridicule and embarrass people who clearly could use a kind word of advice more than disdain. Like it or not there is certainly an “in club” in the firearms world, and most of you and probably me, don’t rate to be included. The hypocrisy of these so called 2nd amendment champions really chaps my ass. If you are not a tier 1 operator then you don’t rate to carry a firearm in the opinion of many of these “in club” boys opinions.

I guarantee that Thomas Jefferson didn’t have tactical manipulation training when he went on his afternoon walks in which he encouraged his friends to have their constant companion, their sidearm, with them. The fact of the matter is that we live in a free society and men should do with their property as they please. Is it wise to have good situational awareness? Of course it is. As firearms enthusiasts and rights supporters we should encourage responsibility, but responsibility is not a requirement for rights. This is where Mr. Reeder joins his colleague Mr. Tsai in his opinion that some people just don’t have the responsibility to have some rights when he said “carrying a gun is as much a responsibility as it is a right”. Really Mr. Reeder? Where was the editorial staff on this article? Recoil Rag can again, kiss my ass. (CORRECTIONMr. Reeder has written pieces in the past denouncing Mr Tsai’s opinions in those previous articlesCORRECTION)

As far as this “tactical advantage” that is touted so often, I still have yet to see really much evidence that there has ever been an open carrier targeted because he was carrying. The so called “tactical advantage” is so situationaly dependent that I could take any potential situation and run it to the advantage of either side of the debate. Yet it’s stated as fact somehow that if you open carry you will be randomly gunned down in public for doing it. Personally I can think of maybe once or twice where I wished I would have been conceal carrying, yes I do that sometimes too. On the flip side I can think of hundreds of times that I have been approached by people and taught them valuable lessons about rights. I even had a chance to talk to my federal representative and teach him a lesson on firearms rights when I was open carrying and ran into him.

This notion that somehow when you enter a city it’s all of a sudden rude to exercise your rights is ridiculous. So it’s ok to open carry in the wilderness, but if you offend some dip shit anti-rights person in a city you are wrong? To his credit, Mr. Reeder encouraged everyone to get training and just carry, open or concealed. I couldn’t agree more with encouraging people to be responsible. But again the “in club” has decided that if you carry a firearm that you somehow represent the firearms community or are some kind of ambassador. I represent no one but myself, and I will not be intimidated or shamed into towing your “in club” party line. Shame on anyone who would be such a dick as to ridicule you for exercising your rights. At the end of the day it’s nobodies damn business how you decide to exercise your rights. Stay tuned for this being ignored or another half assed, Jerry Tsai, style apology. (CORRECTION– Link to Mr. Reeder’s response, when available –CORRECTION)

Oh and Mr. Reeder here is a picture of Steve Fisher open carrying in Tucson. Yes he is wearing my t-shirt.

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