New Multicam Patterns

Multicam, developed by Crye Precision, stormed the scene in the tactical world a few years ago. It has been adopted by some US Army units, and it looks like it may be adapted universally in the near future. Crye Precision recently released several new patterns that are specific to certain climates though. So lets go check em out.

multicam_aridMulticam Arid

This pattern is similar to the original sans a lot of the green. I like this color and think it would be great for many dry areas. I can see dudes in parts of the Afghanistan benefiting from this pattern.


multicam_tropicMulticam Tropic

Having spent some time in the jungles of Okinawa and Singapore I can see where this pattern would come in great use. However I like this pattern the least out of the new ones.


multicam_alpineMulticam Alpine

This is by far the most needed camo in my opinion. There have been lots of winter/ snow camouflage over the years, but this one I like the best out of what I have seen. Hopefully people start making covering garments in this pattern.


multicam_black Multicam Black

This one is by far the coolest pattern. I don’t see a ton of practical uses for this pattern for most people, but I like it the best. One thing people tell me often is that black is great for night or urban ops, and what I always point out to them is that concrete is still grey and grass is still green at night.

Stay tuned for more in the future on the new Multicam patterns.

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