Minuteman Extended Fight Bag

In the Marine Corps we had “assault packs” or smaller bags with the essentials to bring the fight to the enemy and sustain us in an extend battle. A minuteman needs a similar extended fight bag (EFB) to bring the fight to the enemy near, or in his area of operations (AO). The contents of the EFB should be the essentials that can ensure you stay in the fight. My old EFB video

Most, or all, minutemen should already have an IFAK or blowout kit already on their person at all time regardless of the fight they are in. It is imperative that you have it on you should you get injured. On top of you IFAK your EFB should have supplemental medical equipment like pole-less litters maybe, extra trauma bandages, emergency blankets, possibly IVs, cravats, band aids, etc. These items bring more capability to provide care for wounds that are not as life threatening or can aid you in rendering first aid to a comrade. Not everyone has to have a full medical kit, but it would behoove you to have everyone trained in basic field aid and have some medical tools on board to provide that care. Extended IFAK video

Survival Gear
If you are kept in a place for a long period of time it may require you to start a fire, build a shelter, create cover from objects/ dirt/ debris, etc. It is a good idea to have a basic survival kit to make yourself comfortable if you have to dig in for a short period of time. Survival Kit Ideas

Extra Gear
door wedge
There is nothing worse that having to sit in ambush for hours and hours while you are cold, hungry, tired, etc. Having some basic cold weather gear, rain gear, extra food, energy gels/ sugary stuff, caffeine pills/ freeze dried coffee, ritilan (keeps adults awake), chewing tobacco, para cord, etc is a good start. Extra socks is a big one as well. Having a cleaning kit is imperative and could even be stored on you personal kit it’s so important. Baby powder and wet wipes are also awesome hygiene gear to keep you comfortable. Also having mechanical devices might aid you as well like door wedges, padlocks, bolt cutters, etc. Cheap gear video

1 QT Canteen
I put water in it’s own category because it’s so important that you have safe clean water to drink. Throughout history many armies have failed or died from diseases, and clean water can avert much of this. Having multiple ways to clean and store water is very important. Water Purification Ideas 1 2 3

Ammo/ Weapons
Your rifle is no more than an expensive club if you run out of ammo having extra mags and ammo is very important so you can sustain a longer battle or provide covering fire for maneuvering elements. I recommend that you carry the same amount of ammo as you have in your personal kit again in you bag at the very least maybe more. This means between 300 to 600 extra rounds for someone with a semi-auto rifle. I also recommend that you carry a large fixed lade knife or machete. Not only can you use it to help you dig, build, cut things, it can also double as a last resort weapon. I also recommend that you carry at least a side arm or some type of secondary weapon in your bag if you don’t carry one on your person. It would behoove you to have at least one shotgun and at least one precision rifle in your fire team/ squad. Magazine video

At the end of the day you are trying to complete your mission. While not everything in your bag may be critical, it may ensure victory with less casualties, loss in time, loss in assets, etc. This can mean the difference in prolonging your units overall survival in the war as a whole or at least make it suck less. I, for one, have multiple bags prepared at all times.

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