McNett Tactical Line Launched

McNett TacticalMcNett Tactical Line SHOT Show 2013

McNett is that awesome company that brought you Camo-Form (Camo Form Video). This is one of my favorite products from McNett and is certainly one of the coolest items they sell, but McNett is much more than that. In addition to their awesome Gear-Aid (Synthetic Cloth Cleaner Video) line in which they offer tons of stuff to field repair gear, and their awesome Aquamira (Water Purification Video) line that has tons of water purification items, as well as their Outgo, and M-essentials lines, they are now launching their Tactical Line.

Camo Form line(Camo Form)

Now the Tactical word always seemed a little over used for my personal taste, but it is what it is, and it kinda helps identify the line of gear they will produce. I like that McNett is looking to bring the versatility, usefulness, and innovation of their Aquamira and Gear Aid lines into the tactical world. Currently they are offering only a few new items, but I have spent some time with them on the phone and they are looking to expand and innovate into the Tactical world.

I am excited to see what they will come up with and they have expressed an interest in working with me possibly in the future to develop some cool items. I am adding some links below to many of the awesome products that I have already reviewed from McNett. I suggest you check them out and I think you will find a bunch of gear that you will find will make your life easier in your adventures.

Camo Cravat Video   Dive Knife Video   Micro Fiber Towel Video  Waterless Wash Video   Camo Form @ SHOT Show 2012 Video


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