Magpul AK Mag and 40 Round Pmag

With the new Magpul Pmag 30 AKM for the AK47 type rifle and the Pmag 40, a 40 round Pmag in 5.56×45, Magpul is still finally branching out their quality products into what people have been begging for for quite some time now. I gotta say I have always been impressed by simple, innovative, reliable, and useful designs from Magpul.

The Magpul Pmag 30 AK/AKM
Finally we have a contender to the US Palm and the Bulgarian Circle 10 polymer AK Mags. With the high price of the two mags mentioned i really hope that Magpul brings their low price and their legendary quality to this new mag of theirs. I may finally be able to stock up on quality polymer AK mags without breaking the bank. Magpul says they will be shipping later this year, 2013.

The Magpul Pmag 40
pmag 40
Excellent to see a product like this finally come to market. These are available now. The Magpul Pmag 40 comes with their new Generation 3 advances. I can see lots of uses for this mag, primarily a support role or a high cap back up mag. Honestly though I would probably roll with the 40 round mags in almost any situation even with the extra weight.

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