King Abdullah II of Jordan

King Abdullah II

Recently the King of Jordan has been thrust into the mainstream news in the United States and worldwide when one of his pilots bombing the terrorist group ISIS was captured and burned alive. The King responded by executing two ISIS prisoners and then leading a bombing run against ISIS positions.

This is an interesting turn of events in the war on Islamic extremists. Jordan is firmly an Islamic state, but also a monarchy. While it is a constitutional monarchy, much like United Kingdom, the regent holds much more legislative power, and is more than a figurehead, unlike the UK. Modern day Jordan was formed around the time Israel was formed as well. Israel beat the pants off of Jordan back during the 6 day war, and after that the regents of Jordan moved towards a much more peaceful and global outlook on their place in the world.

It has really been King Abdullah the II that has brought the modern day Jordan into existence. After attending school in the United States, and The United kingdom, he served in the UK military and special forces. He eventually came home and was put into command of the Jordanian special forces, and brought them into the 21st century. Today they are allies of the west and often train with US special forces.

History lesson aside, it’s interesting how we are today praising the leadership of King Abdullah here in the west. In my estimation of things we have been so accustom to weak and indecisive men like our own president that we crave, and envy true leadership when we see it. Jordan is no where as free as America is, but they deserve some credit for attempting to bring peace to their region and having strong and somewhat benevolent leadership.

I think what we can take away from the leadership of men like King Abdullah and Vladamir Putin is that a strong leader, and no nonsense attitude, is a good thing. However we should also take caution when praising these types of leaders. A strong benevolent leader should always be pushing their people to be more free and responsible for themselves.

So “well played sir”, is what I have to say to King Abdullah. For now I’ll keep my own sovereignty here in America as king of my own tiny kingdom.

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