Insource M3 Tactical Light

I originally wrote this article last year and I wanted to update my review on this light.
insource m3
“This weapon light from Insight is a great little light that I have used for over 3 years on various firearms. From 12g shotguns to Glock 19s I have been very pleased with this light. I like that it easily mounts, and locks, on any 1913 picatinny rail and has an adjustable bezel to change the light throw. It uses two 123 batteries, one hour continuous run time, has a standard 6v bulb, and comes with an extra 6v bulb.

The only real downside of the light is that it puts out a marginal brightness, 90 lumens, and does not have a strobe mode. But it does have momentary and constant options. For the price it is a great cheaper weapon light.” – TheHossUSMC 2012

The update that I wanted to share was that after four years the light seems to be starting to break down. I replaced the bulb because it was starting to dim even with new batteries. I also noticed that the when I throw the switch to the momentary on position on one side it doesn’t turn on anymore. The weird thing is that the paddle switch works on the other side. When I just click the paddle switch into the full on position it works fine. I still think this is a good mid level light that is fairly cheap. If you are looking for something to get you by until you can save up for a better light this one seems to still fill that role pretty well.

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