I Just Shot An Attacker, Do I Give First Aid?

As I mentioned in my previous blog, about Recoil Magazine, I mentioned the “in crowd”. I think we all know who those guys are. But there is also what I like to call the “ol boys club” as well. One of the things the “ol boys” always like to say, along with .45 has the best stopping power but only out of a Colt, is that you should render aid to an attacker that has just attacked you that you shot because it will looked good in court. Well I have news for you folks. The “ol boys” are just are wrong.

First of all if you had to employ your firearm to put a guy down, if he isn’t dead, he is still a threat to you. Whatever he was doing was such a threat to you that you just had to shoot the guy, do you really think that he likes you more now that you have ventilated his body? The only way I would possibly even consider doing this is if a partner was covering me with weapon drawn. Even then I probably would let the guy bleed out. Plus you have no duty to render aid in any jurisdiction.

Secondly most of use don’t carry personal protective equipment. No mask, no gloves, no eye pro, are you really gonna give aid without all that to a meth head that just tried to cut you with a dirty aids infested knife? Even if you do have a full IFAK on you why would you use your precious resources when his meth head buddies might be around the corner or maybe other victims are on scene that are much more worthy of your medical kit than him. You are taking yourself out of the fight by turning your attention to the attacker’s wounds.

Thirdly What you should be doing is securing the scene, taking mental note of the evidence and witnesses, reloading and holstering, and calling 911. At no point in that process do you have time to render aid to a bad dude. If you are worried about court then talk to a good defense lawyer before you have a self defense shooting, yes that means now. There are also great organisations that you can join where you can take a class and get a certificate where an expert witness will fly out and speak in your defense witch is far more valuable than rendering aid. Check out Massad Ayoob.

What counts is you walking away with no holes in your body, no Hep C from rendering aid to a dirty meth head, and keeping your ass out of jail by having quality training and a plan in place.

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