I am NOT a Responsible Gun Owner

It really chaps my ass when I hear people say that they are a “responsible” gun owner, or that people need to carry their firearms “responsibly”. To me, this is code for, “I am a smarter or better person than you because I conform to the norm”. Let’s take a closer look at the word responsible.

Having an obligation to do something.

So if we take the first meaning of the word you are literally saying that someone has an obligation to act a certain way with their firearm. My problem with that is who decides what the obligation is? If this is a free country, and we are free men, then why would anyone want to tell someone else how to live, or why would you want someone else to tell you how to live? Doesn’t this go against every grain in your body as a human? Am I mistaken when I think that all men yearn to be free? Who are these supposed masters of firearms, safety, and manipulations? I think that they are most often those with the least qualifications to say anything to anyone about firearms.

Ok, I know you may be saying, but what about safety!!!! Well for all you safety sallies I have something for you too. Of course there are common sense safety principles that people should probably practice. If people are being unsafe around you then by all means step in and say something, there is a difference between acting without common sense and putting others in danger. But if someone is so stupid as to put themselves at risk, that is on them.

I think that the good ol boy “responsible” gun owners (probably supporters of the assault weapons ban, live in Arkansas, and voted for Clinton) need to shut the hell up. This is the age of information, the age of freedom, the age where the young start to learn of the oppression in this country, not just from government, but from the marginalization by the masses. I, for one, chose the path less traveled, the path of liberty.

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