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Gloves come in handy in almost any situation, whether it be shooting, camping, working on the house, etc. We will be venturing around those different situations and which gloves we have found to work well in this article. Firstly, lets start out by saying we have not worn all the gloves under the sun, but we do know ones we have used that work and do not work. When it comes to Military/LE or the citizen defender, a shooting or tactical glove is something you should have not only for shooting, but for anything that you need to do while performing your duties. Possibilities are scaling walls, moving heavy rusted objects, clearing metal fencing, working on a car, etc.. Pretty much anything could happen, and having a pair of gloves at least on you will have you thanking yourself later. For a tactical glove we have tested regular Mechanix Wear gloves, IronClad Tactical gloves, Outdoor Research Tactical gloves, Hatch gloves and hell even a counterfeit pair of Mechanix Wear gloves! We have seen gloves in the training we attend, and through word of mouth with people in the industry and have found two pairs that really do a great job.



hatch glovesHatch Gloves Video

The first pair is Hatch. “The Hatch gloves I have were worn by my buddy in Afghanistan. After his tour he gave them to me. I was impressed immediately at their good condition for already being used on a whole tour overseas. Since then I have used them several times and I love the feel and fit of the gloves. Having larger hands with short finger I find it hard to find good gloves. I usually end up cutting off the very tip of the thumb and finger anyways. These Hatch gloves are well worth the money and will continue to give me more use for many years to come I’m sure.” -The Hoss USMC. ┬áThese fit the Military/LE side of the world as much as they do the citizen defender, just a great glove that is versatile.


Outdoor Research, Ironsight

ironsight gloveOutdoor Research Flashpoint Gloves Video


The second pair in this category are the Outdoor Research IronSight glove. This glove is going to give up some of the bulk the Hatch gloves bring to the table for pounding on faces, but is super flexible, has great grip and fits very nice. The one thing you will notice with these gloves is how well they feel and the fit and finish of these gloves is great. They have grippers on the palm for super great grip, and light impact resistance on the knuckles, and breath super well. When wearing them we have found them to be a great glove for the summer, as the back of the hand is given super breath-ability with it’s design. And they come with Outdoor Researches “Infinite Guarantee”, which is like a Craftsman warranty.


Mechanix Wear

IMG_3754Mechanix Wear Video

Onto more┬áthe domestic side of the glove discussion, we find a need for something around the house or camping. We have found a great glove, that can be found most anywhere and is made by a manufacture who has had a name in the business forever and a good one at that. The Mechanix Wear Padded Palm glove is our pick for the best all around glove, and particularly for outdoor/camping usage. We really have seen great breath-ability with the back of the wrist having super moisture wicking ability. The palm itself is innovative in that it has “anatomically” padded areas to reduce vibration and increase dexterity. We can attest that it does help with vibration reduction through all the wood we have chopped with axes and knives, and with all the wood we have put through with our saws. It has some knuckle protection that is not overly excessive, but is comfortable and works. It is double stitched on the palm, to ensure big durability, which is what we have seen with ours.


Overall what you want in a glove is a good fit, so when ordering them online you have to measure you hand. Which is from your wrist to the end of your middle finger. If you google “measuring hand for gloves”, you will have many websites that can walk you through this. But, it is critical, as not having the properly sized glove will most likely decrease it’s actual ability to help you in the ways we just discussed and possibly cause blisters, etc. Not having the right size will also mean on tactical gloves the knuckle pads (if applicable) will not line up with your knuckles either and be useless. The palm is of critical importance as well, being that 75% of what you do involves your palm in one way or another. So finding a good leather or Kevlar palm, that is stitched well (double stitched will be usually the best) is something to look for. The longevity of the glove will always depend on the palm and the overall stitching of the glove. If the stitching is not up to spec or is suspect, the glove will fail rapidly. The gloves we mentioned all pass these tests, and are made well and field proven to give great performance. We hope this article has helped you in purchasing a good set of gloves, thanks for reading!

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