Dear Black Facebook Friends: I Need You To Respect What Americans Are Feeling Right Now.


My family is a European and Native American mixed ethnic back round. We are literally members of the Chickasaw tribe, not just some obscure reference to some possible ancestor. Today my sister posted an article from Salon (Julia Blount) on Facebook with a similar title to this one, but in reference to “White Friends”. This is my response to that article.

Dear Black America,
It is somewhat strange that I have to address these points given that the vast majority of us had access to public libraries, and now the internet with limitless information. I would hope that you would identify with me because we are all Americans, yet many minorities choose to willingly segregate themselves.

My unwillingness to sit and listen, expose myself to ridiculous perspectives, watch videos, and engage in conversation about what is painfully obvious is not “perpetuating white privilege and white supremacy”. It’s a lack of caring about another riot by low lives who are destroying private property, committing acts of violence against innocent people, and a general parade of ass clownery. I wouldn’t be friends with, or care about someone, who punched their neighbor in the face because a third neighbor had a dispute with a fourth neighbor. That would be ridiculous.

The author of this article has a laughable history of supposed oppression in her own life, and only confront the symptoms of the problems she, and her family, face in their lives. I remember my best friend growing up was black. His name was Ryan. I had no idea what racism was until he one day explained to me what the word “nigger” meant. I was floored. I had no idea that anyone would be so stupid to put a whole group of people in a category because of a defining physical feature. I was so surprised because racism is not something that is natural. It’s something un-natural. Racism or Classicism, or any oppressive behavior is learned.

In my opinion, supported by facts and experience, black Americans are not in the position they are today because of “white privilege” or because “the man” is after them. Martin Luther King Jr., along with others, accomplished amazing things in the 60’s. If there is any segregation, or disparity in equality, it is on the shoulders of the oppressed. MLK was not the first to teach us this, but there have been many other great people who have recognized that if you do not look out for yourself, work hard, and ensure that your freedoms are kept, that you will remain in oppression.


My very good friend, and personally adopted brother, is a black man. He came from a bad area in Maryland. At a young age he worked hard to graduate high school and join the U.S. Marine Corps. After serving 8 years he left and became a police officer in Prince George county for 20 years where he served honorably. He now spends his “retirement” training and educating himself in medicine and battlefield tactics.

This type of path may not be available to everyone born into poor circumstances, but never in human history has anyone been able to come from such poor means to be firmly in the middle class more than now. The amount of upward mobility for everyone from all ethnic backgrounds is staggering.

I’d say that the author of this train wreck of an article has never cared to step back for a moment, and look at the root causes of the oppression of people in poor circumstances. Because there is certainly more poor white people in America than Black. If you wanna talk numbers, then the police kill almost twice as many white people per year than black people. In a city with a black police commissioner, and a black deputy commissioner, I’d say that Baltimore is no example of oppression in the first place.

My great grandpa said, “Poor people have poor ways, and that’s why they stay poor.” People of all ethnic back rounds live in poor conditions. The cause of these poor conditions is often varied, but there is usually one common thread. Families are not. What I mean is that increasingly we have single mothers, and fathers who are either dead, in prison, or have multiple babies’ mamas. There often is no real family in these poor, crime ridden areas, and therefore no one to teach these children honor or integrity.

But I have news for black people in America. You are not special. You are not the only people being oppressed in America. We all are. If you think that your pal Obama, which the majority of you black folks voted for, cares about you, then you are wrong. The government doesn’t care at all if you are black, white, or have a mixed ethnic back round. What they do care about is to keep your distracted long enough that you don’t notice the gun to your head, and their hand in your pocket. And they are perfectly willing to use race baiting as a tactic to do it.

last fuck

All people of all ethnic back rounds need to stop fighting about who has what, and who’s fault is it. Our country is not plagued by a racism, it’s plagued by stupidity and ignorance. Your real oppressor with real guns is willing to kill any of us if we do not comply with them. Black, brown, white, and everywhere in between is being crushed under the boots of jack booted thugs across the country. At this very moment a Black man in New York is getting an unwarranted frisking, in Oregon there is government mercenaries standing by to raid a white gold miner’s prospect and murder civilians, in Arizona a brown woman is getting pulled over because she has a large family. We are not oppressed because of our ethnicity, we are oppressed because we fail to stop our oppression.

In California during the 60’s young black men armed themselves and patrolled their neighborhoods to watch the police. What happened to those type’s of men? They are alive and well. At the Bundy Ranch last year there were hundreds of men and women, of all ethnic back rounds, that showed up to stand up against government oppression. Right now at this very moment armed people are standing up to the government again in southern Oregon. That armed group is led by an man in the ethnic minority.

We have the power… You, have the power to stand up and say no. The right way to do it is available to us. Learn who your true oppressor is, learn the root of problems, be active in your communities, support families, and most of all stop bitching and moaning about arbitrary things, and stand up for something. If you cannot get off your ass to read up on our history and laws, then you will pass the chains of slavery willingly to your children, and you are no countrymen of mine.

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