Chris Kyle’s Murderer a Muslim Assassin?


Most of us would agree that the death of Chris Kyle was a tragedy. More than a man that served his country in a very tough job, he was a father, husband, and son. Chris Kyle was helping a young man who had claimed to have PTSD. The young man (Eddie Routh) murdered Chris at a firing range.

It is still unclear as to the motivation behind the murder, but there has been some wild speculation. I am, first of all, for the truth. Good or bad the truth is what will help us as a society to move forward and learn from mistakes and corruption. Fringe theories serve only to confuse the issue.

Recently I came across an article (from the TPNN) saying that Eddie Routh is possibly a Muslim convert and extremist. He was stationed at Balad Air Base and never saw combat. however he came into “close contact” with the Muslim prisoners there according to Michele Hickford (Editor-in-Chief of Allen West’s website), and also his “beard with trimmed mustache”. She goes so far as to suggest that “What if Routh had been converted to militant Islam in Iraq and sought Kyle out as retribution?

While there is absolutely no proof at all, not even a shred, Routh had been overheard during a phone call home that he didn’t approve of the treatment of the prisoners at Balad Air Base prison area, and that he didn’t know if he believed in the mission of the US in Iraq.

Is this really what we have devolved into? A society of hearsay and drama. Many, if not most, veterans disapproved of the mission in Iraq. Many veterans today are angry at the government for pursing these wars in lands that they didn’t want to go to, and arguably serve no American interest. Have we also forgotten the Army’s mistreatment of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib? A very good friend of mine, who also earned a bronze star with combat V later in the war, was stationed at Abu Ghraib, before that shit show with the prisoners, and told me about the lack of competence of the guards there.

I have no sympathy for a murderer like Routh. He has some serious issues, mental or not. Unfortunately those issues took from this earth one of the finest human beings to walk on it. But we cannot allow ridiculous and unfounded assclownery to run rampant and make us all look like idiots. Maybe Routh was a psychopath since before his service. I have no idea. I’d like to punch Routh in the throat repeatedly myself. But one thing is for sure. We can, and should base our theories and thoughts on reality. Because a serious act requires a serious examination of the facts. Besides a disgruntled veteran who doesn’t like the wars in the middle east, has a beard with a trimmed mustache, and didn’t like the conditions of prisoners overseas describes most of our service veterans today. ¬†And frankly I don’t want to be lumped in with a crazy guy like Routh, and I don’t think you want to either.


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