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Freedom of Information

SSI_AR15_FLATTOP_UR SSI_AR15_LR One of America’s greatest values is liberty. In this case TheHossUSMC, and team, is proud to share this information. Please use this information as you see fit as it is your birthright to have the freedom of information … Continue reading

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72 Hour Bag “Bug Out Bag”

72 HOUR BAG Rain Jacket, Fleece, Hand Sanitizer Wipes, Hand Sanitizer Gel, Warm Gloves, Warm Hat, Wool Socks, Pepper Spray, Taser, and/or Firearm, Bible/ Holy Book, Food Bars (odwalla, clif, granola), 5 hour energy bottles (2), Emergan-C, Gatorade type drink … Continue reading

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The Epicenter Prepper Supply

Tour of the Epicenter Supply

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