Bundy Ranch SitRep April 16 2014

Much of what I have heard about what was going on down here is total bullshit. There are no drones or SWAT teams. I haven’t seen any snipers or anything like desert buggies or MRAPs. However there are some things that are happening here that are far worse and under reported, just much less newsworthy for the mainstream media.

A large mass grave was found recently full of Bundy Ranch cattle. It seems that the BLM contractors drove many of the cows to their deaths and either scooped them up or dragged the dead bodies with some kind of vehicle to the grave. The BLM, or their contractors, have destroyed many of the corrals and water tanks that are located on the leased land. Only since some professional personal security have shown up and volunteered have the Bundys felt much safer. The main threat now is trying to recover from the destruction of the BLM and from any left wing whackos that might have a problem with the family standing up for their rights.

I am lucky enough to be volunteering with the personal security detail and will give you more updates as the week goes on. Stay tuned to TheHossUSMC.com for real honest coverage of the events here in Bunkerville NV.

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