BLM v Bundy Phase 2

Photo by Rob Cameron

Photo by Rob Cameron

In April 1775, the colonist militias successfully thwarted a British attack on the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and weapon cashes in Concord without firing a single shot. Their demonstration of unified strength, rallied by the cries of men like Paul Revere, forced the British to terminate their planned operation to confiscate weapons.

These patriots won the day, but were unable to forge that victory into a peaceful restraint on the Crown’s desire to subjugate the Colonies. The British merely regrouped to consider the political and newly realized tactical implications to accomplish their objective.

Officially, the BLM has stated that it only suspended its roundup operation in lieu of “safety considerations”, and that it still intends to resolve the dispute “administratively and judicially”.

We must make all efforts to cement this weekend’s victory with immediate legislative restraint on the BLM and corresponding agencies. Now is the time for our legislature to demonstrate that it holds the interest of the people and the peace of this nation in the highest priority. Our president, who comments immediately on open state murder trials, has yet to utter a word on a matter to which he has direct oversight.

We must advocate that the BLM:
1) Be removed of its authority to unilaterally effect any closures of public land; and that any court-ordered limited-closure must be enforced exclusively at the discretion of the local duly-elected sheriff of the county whose borders contain the public lands in question; and

2) That the states be given the authority to define, or direct a process to determine, the applicability of federal legislation regarding public lands within its borders that has not been specifically enumerated in the legislation but rather deferred to discretion of the agencies within the Department of the Interior or other applicable agency.

It is critical that we make use of the legislative and judicial process to reassert our rights, and work to bring the control of regulation closer to the people whom it affects.

Video: “The Truth About the BLM”

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