Baltimore and Grants Pass: A Tale of Two Totally Different Things

I was recently forwarded an article by Josh Horwitz writing for the Huffington Post. In his sad excuse for an article he whines, complains, and completely misrepresents the truth. This should be expected from an obviously biased news source, but I felt the need to explain to my own readers what the facts are anyway.

Firstly the huge difference between Baltimore rioters and the Oathkeepers at the Sugar Pine mine is that the rioters are burning down private and public property, and assaulting people, and the Oathkeepers are doing basically nothing. That’s right they are doing nothing wrong or illegal.

Mr. Horwitz described them as “radical anti-government group” and other groups attending as “heavily-armed anti-government radicals.” There could be nothing closer to the truth. As an organization Oathkeepers is not anti-government. However there was certainly a sprinkling of anti-government people there. Even radical people like myself were there. I certainly would describe myself as radical. In an age where bending over for government thugs to violate your inner most parts of your life is the norm, I am a radical. I’m proud to say that I, at least, protest when I’m bent over a barrel by government tyranny. However men like Mr. Horwitz seem to enjoy the violation.

I’m also proud to say that we are heavily armed. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. In a free republic the people should be ready to stand by with arms if necessary to defend our liberties. The good people of Baltimore have bent over so far for government tyranny they have allowed themselves to be stripped of many of their rights to military style arms. I would have been proud to see men, of all ethnic backgrounds, standing armed to defend their neighborhoods from the thugs that burned and assaulted folks in Baltimore just like the men in Oregon.

Mr. Horwitz incorrectly reported several facts that I would like to clear up though. The Oathkeepers have never condoned, or supported, in secret or publicly any acts or threats of violence. They have in fact advocated for the opposite. There were also NO PEOPLE carry long guns, assault rifles, or any other type of military style weapons at the BLM office. But even if there were who is Mr. Horwitz to decide if they should or should not bear those types of arms? I do not judge the people of Baltimore for not arming themselves. They made that decision, and we made ours. The government needs to be reminded from time to time that rough men stand ready to visit violence upon tyranny if necessary. That is exactly what the second amendment is for.

Earlier I said the Oathkeepers have done nothing. That is exactly correct. The only thing they have done is sent men to a piece of private property. It’s the BLM that has refused to follow through with their threats of violence. Maybe the people of Baltimore could learn something from the people of Oregon. The reason why no one has been arrested in Oregon is because there is no proof that any Oathkeepers were the ones to threaten any violence. Mr. Horwitz would have you believe that there are a bunch of people running around shooting guns in the air like Yosemite Sam, but the truth is that the Oathkeepers have been quiet professionals for the most part.

If the people of Baltimore had called the Oathkeepers to come protect their private property from rioting thugs or overstepping police, I have no doubt they would have answered the call. Mr. Horwitz fails to see the fundamental truth that we are a free people, and to remain free we must defend our liberties from ANY government tyranny. Because a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

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