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Colonel Ian Houston, AKA The Hoss,

camoWriter/ Editor/ Producer

Hoss is a Kentucky Colonel and a formerly active United States Marine Lance Corporal. He is also a registered member of the Chickasaw Nation. From Jan 1999- Jan 2000 Hoss was a Combat Engineer with 9th Engineer Support Battalion in Okinawa, Japan where he worked on many different construction projects, played the opposing force in a base wide terror readiness operation, and was deployed to a construction mission in South Korea near Pohang for several months.

From Jan 2000- Oct 2001 Hoss was assigned to the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable (MEUSOC) as a Combat Engineer with 1st Combat Engineer Battalion (1st CEB). Assigned to the “Boats” company he was trained  in small boat tactics at Coranado California. For this unit he also attended Sappers School at Camp Pendleton. The 11th MEUSOC was deployed to the far and middle east during 2001 and was at sea during the terrorist attacks of Sept 2001.

After returning to 1st CEB he was Temporarily assigned to the base Military Police to assist in gate guard and vehicle screening in the post 9/11 security changes. After several months there he was honorably discharged in June 2002.

Returning home to Oregon Hoss attended college and held many different jobs in construction eventually ending up starting TheHossUSMC.com blog as a hobby in 2010 where he continues to create video and text blogs today as well as volunteer with law enforcement across the country. He was commissioned by the Governor of Kentucky as an honorary Colonel in 2011.


Justin Phillips

The Hoss Group Hunting Expert

20150316_170326 (1)Marketing Director/ Producer

Justin grew up in rural Oregon spending most of his spare time in the outdoors camping, fishing, hunting big game, upland bird, and taking part in predator control efforts for local ranchers. With those experiences he has knowledge of the the firearms and gear used to have success while taking part in those activities while in the outdoors.

Since then, Justin has studied Criminal Justice at a state university and has begun testing and educating himself on the gear and firearms used in more tactical roles. Justin has also been taking tactical training classes to expand his knowledge base on tactical engagements and employing firearms in small unit tactics. His current employment as a hunting expert within the retail hunting industry has allowed him accrue knowledge on past and present technology used by professional hunters and everyday people while also receiving training and knowledge of the tactical industry.

As someone who has been denied military service due to medical reasons these roles allow him to place quality gear in the hands of people who not only want to be self sufficient by providing their own meat, but also who want to protect the liberties that we Americans have.

Justin dreams of shooting terrorists in the face and fights for the freedoms of Americans in the ways that he knows how. The knowledge he has already accrued paired with his passion to learn more and train even harder than he has in the past has helped pave the way to where he is now. When he is not working, Justin enjoys being surrounded by other freedom loving Americans, being in the outdoors, consuming large quantities of bacon, and throat punching Communists.


Jack Strickler

1101161046aCamera Operator, Driver, Ladies Man

Jack is a Native Oregonian. He is the newest member of our team and our newest gun owner. He purchased his first firearm in March 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Now we have him building AR-15s, running tactical training classes, and accompanying us on tactical adventures. After years of consuming tactical media on line we are grooming him to be our team tactical camera man. Many adventures lay ahead!

Bart Cole

ColeWriter/ Consultant/ Camera Operator

Bart is a native Indianian. He spent 4 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps as a combat engineer and then transferred over to reserve duty and deployed with Kilo 3/24 and Charlie 1/24 to Iraq several times. Now he is with the bomb squad with the West Lafayette Police Dept in Indiana. He helps the blog part time with consulting and writing.

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