72 Hour Bag “Bug Out Bag”


Rain Jacket, Fleece, Hand Sanitizer Wipes, Hand Sanitizer Gel, Warm Gloves, Warm Hat, Wool Socks, Pepper Spray, Taser, and/or Firearm, Bible/ Holy Book, Food Bars (odwalla, clif, granola), 5 hour energy bottles (2), Emergan-C, Gatorade type drink mixes, Metal Water Bottle, 5-10 ounces of silver troy ounces, Bandana, dehydrated food pouches (like mountain house style), Camel Bak,


Charcoal impregnated dust mask, Tyvek whole body suit (includes hood and booties) Eye goggles, Plastic or Latex medical gloves

Survival kit

Lip Balm, Emergency Blanket, Electrical Tape, Duck Tape, 10- 60 ft 550 cord (rope), Flashlight (headlamp), extra batteries, Compass, Maps of the local area, Pocket Knife, Small Fixed blade knife,  2 ways to make fire (magnesium bar, matches, fire starters), Titanium spork, Can opener, water purification tablets

Medical kit

Quick Clot, Large Battle dressing (OALES, Israeli Dressings), SWAT (Rubber) tourniquet or CAT Combat Action Tourniquet , Medical Tape, Vet Wrap, Sun Lotion, Antihistamines, Tylenol, Anti-diarrheal, Asprin, IB Profin, band aids, (prescription pain killers and anti-biotics), mole skin


The 72 Hour bag Philosophy

There are many different reasons why you should carry emergency preparedness items. You could be caught in a bad snow storm to in the wake of nuclear fallout from a power plant to economic or civil unrest. The important thing is to remember that the items in your bag are to get you back to a place where you have people or things to support you, not to survive out of for months. You can add or change away items from the list above, but these are the basics of a 72 hour bag.

Your Medical kit is for ensuring that you are in the best possible condition in case you are on foot. The medicines in your kit will keep you as comfortable as possible when you are in pain from walking or from drinking dirty water etc. Massive trauma can occur from many different things including falls or car accidents. You may also sustain traumatic wounds from civil unrest. This is an important reason to ensure that you have a large wound dressing, Maxi pads work well too, and some quick clot or celox. A tourniquet can save your life if you sustain a massive injury on a limb. It is also important to protect yourself from the sun as it can drain your energy very quickly.

Your survival kit is one of the most important parts of your 72 hour bag. Duct tape and electrical tape are two very cheap and extremely useful items that can be used for literally hundreds of things. Make sure you also get some good quality rope or 550 parachute cord that also has many uses. A flashlight has obvious importance as well. The ability to make fire can be the difference between life and death. You can also make fire to comfort yourself or cook food that you have scrounged. Along your journey you never know what you might come across, but one thing many people have is canned food. You can open canned food with a knife (or even a spoon), but having a can opener makes the job a breeze and can prevent injury. A p-38 or similar style can opener is cheap and easy to find. Even if you are not an expert and reading a map and compass a compass is very useful to at the very least tell you which direction your going. A good quality pocket knife also is essential to do many tasks. A metal water bottle can double as a pot to boil water in.


NBC gear, or Nuclear Biological Chemical, is not a necessity, but it can mean the difference between life and death. Nuclear fallout is tiny particles of dust that came in contact with radioactive material. These particles need to be kept off your skin and out of your lungs as much as possible. If there is rainfall after a nuclear event it will bring all the particles to the ground and after the first rainfall your NBC gear should be stripped off, being careful not to touch the outside of the gear. In the event of a biological or chemical event you most likely will not survive. Your protective equipment should be worn any an attempt to leave the affected area should be your highest priority. Your rain jacket can also be a part of your NBC gear.

Warm clothing is essential to survive inclement weather and appropriate clothing for your area should be in your kit. A bandana or Shemaugh is a very useful item as well and should be included. Electrolyte drink mixes and high vitamin energy items can ensure you have the energy to continue on. Food items that you bring should have a long shelf life and be easy to prepare and eat. Silver can be traded for things you need or for payment for someone’s help.

The choice to carry a self defense item is up to you but one thing history has made clear in these events is that there are those that have, those that don’t, and those that will hurt people to get what they want. A firearm can also be used to hunt small game as well as defend yourself. Often the threat of having one can be enough. I recommend a small revolver or handgun as it can be easily concealed and is lightweight.

Always remember when putting your bag together that you may have to carry this bag over long distances and should choose your gear and your bag with that in mind.

More information can be found on my Youtube Page. Make sure to check out the playlists for preparedness and “bug out” videos and philosophies.

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