Quit Training, Start Doing


I recently went to the Sugar Pine mine to investigate the BLM’s attempt to red tape another hard working citizen out of their rightfully attained property. What struck me as mind boggling is I saw pictures on facebook when I got home of people who claim to be patriots going to training classes during this time. Granted some of these people run the training schools as a business and can’t leave, and some other people have obligations and can’t go to support the miners. But why would a supposed patriot attend a weekend class, when right down the road is a real world situation where their training could be put to good use? They could even possibly get some instruction along with this real world experience.

I still don’t know why any patriot would skip out on this opportunity, but I’d like to challenge all of you who claim to be patriots to examine your lives, and asses whether or not you can sacrifice your weekend training, or relaxing time, to go help some real people in a real crisis.

The second thing that seems to keep coming up is people claim either that they will come when things get “really serious”, or that they will support the cause when “things kick off”. I would say that a government agency threatening to burn down someone’s business without due process is pretty “serious”. To the sunshine patriot riding on the coat tails of those who are putting in the efforts now, all I have only one thing to say. If you can’t pick up a pen and write a senator now, or show up to a protest, or support a neighbor in need then I doubt you will be by my side when the lead starts to fly, and I wouldn’t want you there anyway.

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Kelty Donates $25,000 To Boy Scout Troop


Recently Boy Scout Troop 444 out of Colorado was the victim of a theft of much of the boys camping equipment. It was in a trailer that was located in a church parking lot. Negligence of the scoutmasters to secure the trailer aside, it was a nasty theft indeed.

So the company Kelty, that makes camping equipment, stepped in with a huge donation. $25,000 of camping equipment to be exact. I have been a fan of Kelty products for quite some time, and own several of their products, but this makes me a proud owner of those products now. It’s not often that big companies are still are looking out for the little guys in this world, but Kelty is one of them.

From one Eagle scout in Oregon I send my thanks to Kelty.

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Rick Barclay (Sugar Pine Mine Owner) Speaks out.

Rick Barclay has met with a television news station recently to explain his problems with the BLM and the situation he is facing. I do not wish to speak to something I do not know fully about, but the link is below so you can watch.


I am meeting with a man tomorrow, whom I know from the Bundy Ranch stand off last year, that has been on site at the mine for some time now. I will gather more information from him and then make a plan to go to the mine myself in the next few days.

From what I have gathered from various conversations with people this is another case of the BLM attempting to step in and do whatever they want without care to the law. This is NOT currently an all hands on deck situation. I would recommend anyone within a few hours driving distance have their bags packed though. I will post again tomorrow after meeting with boots on the ground.

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Sugar Pine Miners Stand off with the BLM

There has been much misinformation and many misconceptions about the Galice Creek Mining district in Josephine County in southern Oregon. Being a 5th generation Oregonian, and a lover of freedom and liberty I am concerned any time the government shows up and threaten to burn things to the ground as some reports have stated.

I just got off the phone with Kirby Jackson, who is on the Galice Creek mining board, and he told me that he would like me to relay some information to the public.

Posted 23 Hours ago

“Breaking official news from Galice – One of the mine owners has informed myself and the second owner by phone, that he has spoken to Sheriff Dave Daniel. Daniel stated that he has received many phone calls this morning from around the country. In turn, he has spoken to Medford BLM about the brewing situation at Galice, Oregon. BLM has assured him that they are not taking action at this time. In light of BLM’s long history of utilizing deceptive tactics and well known reputation for dishonesty, the mine site will continue to be secured. The owners request that all interested persons remain on standby.” Kirby Jackson


Posted 27 minutes ago.

Contrary to reports otherwise, all is calm in Galice, Oregon According to the attorney representing the mine, he spoke with BLM Special Agent Mike Swindon who told him that BLM is standing down. It is also reported that BLM has no LEO presence west of Merlin. Despite this, the mine owners continue to have a distrust of BLM and efforts are still to keep the mine infrastructure secure from destruction or theft by run amok “land managers”. In the meantime, the internet is aflutter with all kinds of rumors. As I said earlier, if you do not hear it from Oathkeepers or myself, it is NOT official. We are currently working on an official release of information, including pertinent documents. Stay tuned.” -Kerby Jackson

The Miners have asked that no one else come to the area at this time, but to stand by. This is from the Oath keepers.

Sugar Pine Mine Security Operation Mission
11 April 2015
At the request of the Sugar Pine Mining Claim owners, Oath Keepers of Josephine County mission is to ensure the mining claim owners’ 5th Amendment Constitutional Right to Due Process is not violated by the Bureau of Land Management.


Mary Emerick
Public Information Officer
Oath Keepers of Josephine County

Clinton Chard
Logistics Coordinator
Oath Keepers of Josephine County

All responders and media personnel are required to check in at the staging area before going to the camp site.

2491 Camp Joy Road
Grants Pass (Merlin), Oregon, 97526

•I5 – Exit 61
•West on Merlin / Galice Road – 1.0 mi
•Left onto Jaime Ln – 0.2 mi
•Right onto Camp Joy Rd – 0.1 mi
•Right to stay on Camp Joy Rd – 0.2 mi
•Left onto Walden

After staging check-in, those who are approved to transit to the camp site must comply with the following rules:
•No Drinking
•No Drugs
•All Access in and out is controlled by security (Limited Access and Emergency Access)
•Establish your own team leader / representative under Oath Keepers
•Bring cold weather gear, rain gear, own food and supplies
•You are accountable for your personal belongings
•Rules of Engagement: Always Self Defense – If a person shows means, opportunity and intent STOP the threat.
•We are not allowing trespass, threat to life or damage to property or illegal seizures.
•No one talks to the media or to anyone outside the area about the operation. (All media and information comes from Oath Keepers Josephine County leadership)
•Reaction team will meet contact.
•Bring your own communications. (Preferably Baofeng UV-5R / BF-F8+ to simplify programming and setup.)”

I was told by Mr. Jackson that he will keep me updated. If need be I will go and investigate myself. At this time I am standing by for more information.

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You Are Not Above The Law

Remember back in the 2013 post Sandy Hook era? I remember it well. Ammo and firearms flew off the shelves, conspiracies were passed around, and accusations flew back and forth across the pro-rights (pro-gun) and anti-rights (anti-gun) line. A lot can be said about that time, but I want to focus on specific part of that time period.

If you don’t remember, many companies started to put in place new polices where they would refuse to sell items, that are restricted to civilians, to law enforcement officers of those states. One of these several companies was J&T Distributing. You may know J&T better by their other companies they are affiliated with which include DoubleStar Corp and Ace LTD. Ace is a manufacturer of stocks for various weapons.

Here is the statement posted on back on Feb 19 2013 that is still there today. http://riflestocks.com/store/

Due to the recent changes in 2nd Amendment laws that are pending or currently enforced by states across the country, the J&T Family of Companies which includes J&T Distributing, DoubleStar Corp., Ace Limited, and the DoubleStar Training Academy has been forced to reassess our policies regarding government and law enforcement sales. Effective immediately, the J&T Family of Companies will be joining other manufacturers and distributors by ceasing sales of regulated items in states that have altered the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.

The JTFOC will no longer sell prohibited items to law enforcement agencies or any government agencies in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their law abiding citizens. We hope other companies will join us with their support. We applaud those already involved with this effort to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

Be Victorious

So I decided to call down to J&T to see how they are doing several years down the road with this policy still in place. I talked to an excellent guy named Nick. He told me about how several law enforcement officers had expressed their displeasure at the policy, but that the response from the private/civilian sector had been overwhelming. I swelled with pride to know that thousands of my fellow patriots had praised and supported this new policy.

Nick also told me how J&T is heavily involved with the NRA, NFA-TCA, and the NSSF. These are all organizations that promote rights, especially gun rights. What I like most about this policy, and the encouragement of  J&T for other companies to follow suit, is that it discourages law enforcement from supporting anti-rights/ anti-gun bills in their respective states. It also denies those items to be purchased to level the playing field.

I am of the opinion that if it’s too dangerous for me to have an item, then I certainly don’t want a law enforcement official to have it roaming around my streets either. This is a nation of free people. We cannot, and should not, be second class citizens to a privileged few who can ride rough shod over us whenever they please. If every company that produces equipment, firearms, and accessories refused to sell those items to law enforcement in places where it’s restricted for civilians to own them, then we would have a lot less of these anti-rights laws passing.

In the long run a few companies here and there will not affect the change we want, but the most important thing to take away from this is that at least they tried. Which is more than most people, and companies can say. When the chips were down, they chose the side of freedom and liberty. We should at least lend our support to these companies for standing up for what is morally correct. And like Nick said to me on the phone “We are real Americans making real American stuff”… for the everyday American. I applaud J&T and hope that they continue to fight the good fight, and I encourage you other manufactures to join companies like J&T to affect positive change in our great nation.


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Sen Chris Murphy is Scared of Your Guns

last fuck

Recently Sen Chris Murphey (Conn) stated that those who wanted high-capacity magazine were more interested in “arming against the government”… than hunting. He stated “Think of the damage someone could do in U.S. capital with 30 rounds”. First of all bravo sir for knowing that “rounds” go in a magazine, not bullets.  My praise has to stop there though. Because I have a secret to tell Sen Chris Murphy.

Well it’s not really a secret. I do think about the damage 30 rounds could do in the U.S. capital. That is why I have 75 round drums. “A well regulated militia being necessary to a free state”. We, the people, are the Militia, and we are a necessity to the security of a free state. I own weapons of war because you exist Chris Murphy. I do not bow and scrap before you. You will, and should be, afraid of we the people. Because I am a free and sovereign man of a free nation, and I am not afraid of you and your thugs.

I will stand up and announce to the world that my human rights are not up for negotiation. I can, and should, bear whatever arms I deem necessary to affect my freedom here in this country. If I decide that .50 caliber machine guns need to be mounted on the four corners of my roof in fortified positions is necessary, then it will be so. If I decide to open carry my firearm, then I will. It’s not up to you, or anyone else, to decide how I pursue my freedom.

The only solution to the overreach of our federal government in my estimation is that we need to build a wall. Not a wall along our borders with other countries, a wall around Washington D.C. When a representative is elected they should receive an ankle tracking device, and then a series of artillery batteries mounted along the wall should be constantly tracking their movement. If we had our representatives literally held at gun point, I can guarantee that they would think twice about violating our rights.

Our human rights are not negotiable, your temporary privilege of representing us (Chris Murphy) should be  done under the supervision of your well armed constituents. Now shut  up, and sit down.


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King Abdullah II of Jordan

King Abdullah II

Recently the King of Jordan has been thrust into the mainstream news in the United States and worldwide when one of his pilots bombing the terrorist group ISIS was captured and burned alive. The King responded by executing two ISIS prisoners and then leading a bombing run against ISIS positions.

This is an interesting turn of events in the war on Islamic extremists. Jordan is firmly an Islamic state, but also a monarchy. While it is a constitutional monarchy, much like United Kingdom, the regent holds much more legislative power, and is more than a figurehead, unlike the UK. Modern day Jordan was formed around the time Israel was formed as well. Israel beat the pants off of Jordan back during the 6 day war, and after that the regents of Jordan moved towards a much more peaceful and global outlook on their place in the world.

It has really been King Abdullah the II that has brought the modern day Jordan into existence. After attending school in the United States, and The United kingdom, he served in the UK military and special forces. He eventually came home and was put into command of the Jordanian special forces, and brought them into the 21st century. Today they are allies of the west and often train with US special forces.

History lesson aside, it’s interesting how we are today praising the leadership of King Abdullah here in the west. In my estimation of things we have been so accustom to weak and indecisive men like our own president that we crave, and envy true leadership when we see it. Jordan is no where as free as America is, but they deserve some credit for attempting to bring peace to their region and having strong and somewhat benevolent leadership.

I think what we can take away from the leadership of men like King Abdullah and Vladamir Putin is that a strong leader, and no nonsense attitude, is a good thing. However we should also take caution when praising these types of leaders. A strong benevolent leader should always be pushing their people to be more free and responsible for themselves.

So “well played sir”, is what I have to say to King Abdullah. For now I’ll keep my own sovereignty here in America as king of my own tiny kingdom.

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Chris Kyle’s Murderer a Muslim Assassin?


Most of us would agree that the death of Chris Kyle was a tragedy. More than a man that served his country in a very tough job, he was a father, husband, and son. Chris Kyle was helping a young man who had claimed to have PTSD. The young man (Eddie Routh) murdered Chris at a firing range.

It is still unclear as to the motivation behind the murder, but there has been some wild speculation. I am, first of all, for the truth. Good or bad the truth is what will help us as a society to move forward and learn from mistakes and corruption. Fringe theories serve only to confuse the issue.

Recently I came across an article (from the TPNN) saying that Eddie Routh is possibly a Muslim convert and extremist. He was stationed at Balad Air Base and never saw combat. however he came into “close contact” with the Muslim prisoners there according to Michele Hickford (Editor-in-Chief of Allen West’s website), and also his “beard with trimmed mustache”. She goes so far as to suggest that “What if Routh had been converted to militant Islam in Iraq and sought Kyle out as retribution?

While there is absolutely no proof at all, not even a shred, Routh had been overheard during a phone call home that he didn’t approve of the treatment of the prisoners at Balad Air Base prison area, and that he didn’t know if he believed in the mission of the US in Iraq.

Is this really what we have devolved into? A society of hearsay and drama. Many, if not most, veterans disapproved of the mission in Iraq. Many veterans today are angry at the government for pursing these wars in lands that they didn’t want to go to, and arguably serve no American interest. Have we also forgotten the Army’s mistreatment of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib? A very good friend of mine, who also earned a bronze star with combat V later in the war, was stationed at Abu Ghraib, before that shit show with the prisoners, and told me about the lack of competence of the guards there.

I have no sympathy for a murderer like Routh. He has some serious issues, mental or not. Unfortunately those issues took from this earth one of the finest human beings to walk on it. But we cannot allow ridiculous and unfounded assclownery to run rampant and make us all look like idiots. Maybe Routh was a psychopath since before his service. I have no idea. I’d like to punch Routh in the throat repeatedly myself. But one thing is for sure. We can, and should base our theories and thoughts on reality. Because a serious act requires a serious examination of the facts. Besides a disgruntled veteran who doesn’t like the wars in the middle east, has a beard with a trimmed mustache, and didn’t like the conditions of prisoners overseas describes most of our service veterans today.  And frankly I don’t want to be lumped in with a crazy guy like Routh, and I don’t think you want to either.


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Cory Jackson Responds, Cory07ink

(EDIT) Well this video and this article are certainly revealing. I’d say the lies were not totally addressed in Cory’s recent apology. I hope Cory sees this and addresses these posts. I’m not going to jump to conclusions about whether these are legit posts or not, as we all know the internet is a cruel place. All I can say is that I am disappointed that I feel like I tried to take the high road in this case, and I am having to eat my own words. I don’t think that what I said in the article earlier applies to the extent that his apology was not enough. Time to come clean on it all Cory. (EDIT)

When this whole thing came to my attention I felt like I had to respond, and report what was going on because these are serious accusations, and I had recommended Cory’s channel in the past. I felt like I was fair to both Cory and the experiences that I and other people that I have talked to have had in my first post. I texted Cory and I think he felt I wasn’t being fair. So I am posting this today to hopefully rectify that feeling and make some things clear. Cory responded recently in a video that I have linked here.

I think that Cory responded with class. “Has there been times when I misrepresented myself in anger or frustration? Yes” -Cory Jackson

I think that Cory has made it clear he has made mistakes and has apologized for them. At this point I think that Cory has done the honorable thing. I myself have had to defend my claims to being a veteran, even with the overwhelming evidence I have posted online, so I understand the frustration that Cory has had to deal with. What I think is unacceptable is the response to this whole situation by several people who have no actual dog in this fight. Lots of people have been making claims who don’t know, or who have never talked to Cory. There have been threats made against Cory, and his family as well, that are ridiculous, unacceptable, and downright criminal.

I know I have made mistakes in my past as well. At this point all I can say is I support the honorable actions of Cory and his apology for any misrepresentations he might have made. Most people would have been bitches and lied or denied everything. Long story short, lets move on and find something that is worth being pissed about, and be happy we have a man like Cory on the side of freedom and liberty.


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Robin Williams Died Today, And I Don’t Care

Robin Williams

Another celebrity died today. Apparently by his own hand. I’m not sure why this is even news. Over 20 American military veterans committed suicide, and that was just today. Why isn’t that news? You know why? Because the public is to too concerned with fools like Robin Williams to care that they are accountable for the deaths of these veterans because they have not insisted on ending the pointless wars. Because the public doesn’t give a shit that thousands of military veterans are homeless due to untreated illnesses. Because the American public is just plain shameful. Every time I see some famous idiot in the news for killing themselves I think about my brothers that die every day, by their own hands, or their enemies. I hope you do too.


This is for all the haters and naysayers who have criticized me for calling Robin Williams a fool.

Robin Williams, Born in Chicago, raised in Detroit. Robin Williams was most likely an atheist. He often mocked God and Christianity. Plenty of evidence of that on youtube. He was a staunch supporter of the democratic party. He donated more than 150,000 dollars to liberal and left leaning special interest groups. He is also described as being “one of the most liberal actors in Hollywood” And no big surprise here he is ANTI-GUN.

Robin Williams “Peace Plan” was not even him.


Just because Robin Williams did a few USO shows and supports the troops doesn’t all of a sudden make him a great guy. The original post has little to do with Robin Williams or his agendas, that was something YOU the viewer imparted on the blog post. The blog post is about Americans who don’t give a shit about military veterans dying by the thousands.


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