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Hoss is a Kentucky Colonel and a formerly active United States Marine Lance Corporal. He is also a registered member of the Chickasaw Nation. From Jan 1999- Jan 2000 Hoss was a Combat Engineer with 9th Engineer Support Battalion in Okinawa, Japan where he worked on many different construction projects, played the opposing force in a base wide terror readiness operation, and was deployed to a construction mission in South Korea near Pohang for several months.

From Jan 2000- Oct 2001 Hoss was assigned to the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable (MEUSOC) as a Combat Engineer with 1st Combat Engineer Battalion (1st CEB). Assigned to the “Boats” company he was trained  in small boat tactics at Coranado California. For this unit he also attended Sappers School at Camp Pendleton. The 11th MEUSOC was deployed to the far and middle east during 2001 and was at sea during the terrorist attacks of Sept 2001.

After returning to 1st CEB he was Temporarily assigned to the base Military Police to assist in gate guard and vehicle screening in the post 9/11 security changes. After several months there he was honorably discharged in June 2002.

Returning home to Oregon Hoss attended college and held many different jobs in construction eventually ending up starting TheHossUSMC.com blog as a hobby in 2010 where he continues to create video and text blogs today as well as volunteer with law enforcement across the country. He was commissioned by the Governor of Kentucky as an honorary Colonel in 2011.


Jadeon Roberts-Maxfield

Camera Operator


Jadeon is a Photographer focused on firearm products, gear & innovation. He is experienced in editorial, live action, model, calendar, product shoots, and currently expanding into video media production. He is passionate about creating, capturing images and video that inspire. Freelance, collaboration and contract work are his specialties.

Jadeon’s lineage traces back to one of the founding families of 13 colonies. He is part of the  hereditary society Son’s of the Revolution. A proud father, and family man with a bit of a “savoir complex”, a Second Amendment advocate and Libertarian ready to fight for our rights as American’s. He is a continual student training to run towards the sound on gun fire to protect family, friends and the innocent. His training and experience includes; Armed security escort and transport. Tac-med, Leupold long-range precision rifle. Pistol/Carbine tactics and mindset from Gamut Resolutions/Bob Keller, Jim “the Kraken” Erwin, Hailey Stratigic & Kagwerks.