Are You Helping or Hurting The Second Amendment?

My two favorite lines people who hate open carry use are, “You are hurting the Second Amendment” and “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. Inevitably they will always use this in their argument.  Let’s take a closer look at these two assertions.


“You are hurting the Second Amendment”

First of all the Second Amendment shouldn’t exist at all. WHAAA, HUHH??? Shocking I know, but if you have ever studied history you would know that many of our most liberty loving founding fathers actually hated the bill of rights. This may sound counter intuitive, but think about it for a second. The reason they opposed it is because they never wanted Americans to think that their rights were restricted to only what what in the bill of rights. This is why we have the 9th and 10th amendments. It’s to remind us that we have ALL the rights, and those written down are only the most important. So any compromise, AT ALL, of our expressly written, most important rights is an ANTI rights view. That’s right if you don’t think open carry should be legal you are NOT a second amendment supporter.

Let me reel it back in for a minute. So the argument is “If you open carry you will make moderates anti-gun”. ….. OH you are being serious when you say that? There is no such thing as moderates when it comes to issues like guns, and if anyone is “hurting the second amendment” it’s the people PUBLICLY criticizing open carriers. Presenting a fractured front against the whales of rabidly anti gun nuts in D.C. is stupid and wrong. Plus I guarantee that those people bitching about open carriers are not the ones out doing any of the leg work to defend our rights.  At least those open carrying to make a statement care enough to put their reputations on the line to defend their rights. If you want to criticize someone on their form or method then correct them in private, and at least be fair to them. Because blasting them publicly about how stupid they are certainly won’t make them want to come around to your way of thinking.  Notice there isn’t any open carriers blasting people for not doing it.


“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”

Once again I have to go back to the rights angle here. This statement in every way is an un-American, anti rights view. On the surface you might think this makes sense, unless you have a highly tuned anarchist streak in your blood like myself. This statement implies that just because you have rights, doesn’t mean you should use them. This is the kind of thinking that backs almost all progressive liberal thinking.  Jim Crow Laws, Marriage Licenses, GUN CONTROL. Yea that’s right, gun control had it’s birth in this thinking. White folks afraid of the newly freed black slaves instituted licenses to be able to marry, segregation laws, and GUN CONTROL. These people are trying to use shame to manipulate other people to their way of thinking. Well the shame is on you anti- rights folks, because it’s just plain un-American.

This statement is so full of rights hating fail that people who don’t see that, make me suspicious. I have to go back again to the “mind your own business” angle. This is a nation of free people, who are you to tell anyone else how to live their lives. Maybe you should concern yourself with the plank in your eye before the speck in mine.


I choose to surround myself with people who are more concerned with protecting the rights of a man than what the man chooses to do with those rights. Because the guy looking out for your rights, is truly your neighbor.

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It’s Not About You It’s About Them


I recently read an article, by a self proclaimed second amendment supporter, blasting open carriers again. I find myself sighing and trying to muddle through the article without getting angry, but it never fails to make me upset to see these articles. They are usually written by someone who is angry, ignorant, and often useless when it comes to actually defending rights. These are usually the guys who stay home when the gun rallies are on a Saturday, because they can’t be bothered to dip into their free time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to the people who are open carrying rifles and trying to convince them that it is maybe not the best idea, if you don’t agree with them. But if you write an article marginalizing and demonizing the actions of these people then you are part of the problem in this nation.  Guess what? It’s not about you, it’s about them. If these people feel either the need, or are just plain inclined, to carry a rifle in their daily life then they should be able to do it without supposed “second amendment supporters” screaming at them. It’s their rights they are protesting for, it’s their life they are defending, it’s their human right…

When did we turn into a country of bitchy little girls? I was talking to my grandmother the other day about colloquialisms. She was saying she hasn’t heard people use the term “mind your business” in some time and asked me if people used something else now. I said I didn’t think so, and after thinking about it for some time I realized that people haven’t replaced it with something else, they just stopped minding their own business. Often times people think they should have  a say in how someone else lives their lives these days. Especially the old school “second amendment supporters”.

Well I have news for those guys. You are the past. The future of the Dick Metcalfs and Jerry Tsais of this world is obscurity, because open carry has always been here and is here to stay. So whine all you want, but know this, no one cares what you think about how they live their lives anymore. I intend to live my life as a free man in this supposed free nation and not worry about the those who sit on the sidelines.

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I am NOT a Responsible Gun Owner

It really chaps my ass when I hear people say that they are a “responsible” gun owner, or that people need to carry their firearms “responsibly”. To me, this is code for, “I am a smarter or better person than you because I conform to the norm”. Let’s take a closer look at the word responsible.

Having an obligation to do something.

So if we take the first meaning of the word you are literally saying that someone has an obligation to act a certain way with their firearm. My problem with that is who decides what the obligation is? If this is a free country, and we are free men, then why would anyone want to tell someone else how to live, or why would you want someone else to tell you how to live? Doesn’t this go against every grain in your body as a human? Am I mistaken when I think that all men yearn to be free? Who are these supposed masters of firearms, safety, and manipulations? I think that they are most often those with the least qualifications to say anything to anyone about firearms.

Ok, I know you may be saying, but what about safety!!!! Well for all you safety sallies I have something for you too. Of course there are common sense safety principles that people should probably practice. If people are being unsafe around you then by all means step in and say something, there is a difference between acting without common sense and putting others in danger. But if someone is so stupid as to put themselves at risk, that is on them.

I think that the good ol boy “responsible” gun owners (probably supporters of the assault weapons ban, live in Arkansas, and voted for Clinton) need to shut the hell up. This is the age of information, the age of freedom, the age where the young start to learn of the oppression in this country, not just from government, but from the marginalization by the masses. I, for one, chose the path less traveled, the path of liberty.

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Bundy Ranch, Domestic Terrorists, and Freedom Fighters


After one spending the last week observing the Bundy ranch and family, as both security and as press, I think I have a pretty good picture of the situation in Bunkerville. There are several issues at play here.

The least understood, and most reported on, is that the Bundys have not paid grazing fees and taxes. The taxes claim is total bullshit. What is at issue is that Mr. Bundy has refused to pay fees for services that the BLM no longer provides, and hasn’t for very many years. The BLM has in fact been actively using those fees to create a less friendly climate for ranchers and dairy farmers, the latter of which no longer exist. The Bundys have even tried to pay the appropriate fees to local or state governments.

The real story here is that the BLM decided that because the Bundys were not going to bend over and take the big green weenie from government that they had to be shut down. So the BLM hired a Utah rancher, because no Nevadan ones would do it, along with contract cowboys, who are essentially paid rustlers, to round up the free range cattle. The BLM thugs were there in full force to protect these hired rustlers as the maimed, and slaughtered dozens of cattle in the round up. They also brought in lots of heavy equipment to destroy the Bundys improvements to the land. This brutality and illegal seizure of the cattle resulted in millions of dollars that come from the tax payers of the US. Mr. Bundys original fees total around the 300,000 dollar range.

The BLM also had sharpshooters and other thugs all over the area with their weapons trained on innocent civilians. Saturday April 12 Mr. Bundy decided that enough was enough and that he was going to get his cattle back. He sent his sons and several of the local cowboys joined them to head to the BLM round up site several miles down the range. Women and children were already at the BLM camp on the south side of the I-15 freeway overpass. The BLM at that time was already forming their lines and threatening the protesters with lethal and less-lethal force. When the protesters did advance the Cowboys took to the front of the group. The BLM backed down and left under guard from the Las Vegas Metro PD.

The true crime here is that no one at the BLM has been reprimanded or removed from their position, or charged with a crime. And where are these contract cowboys that killed and maimed all these cattle. Surely the BLM had no use for dead cattle. If the BLM really had intentions to get money from these cattle for the unpaid fees then they certainly wouldn’t have authorized the killing of them. The BLM just wanted to try to teach the Bundys a lesson and prove their authority.

The best part of this whole story is that the Bundys were not alone in their struggle. They have been supportive and helpful to other ranchers and dairy farmers as their business’ were shut down over the years. The local community has always been there for them too. But even more amazing than that was the turn out of hundreds of people from across the nation to stand armed against the federal government. How amazing is it that someone would travel across the country to put their lives on the line for someone they never met just because they are being oppressed? Pretty damn amazing in my opinion.

There are three types of people, in my opinion, moving forward from this. The first are those on the front line. Those patriots willing to stand in the face certain destruction and say NO, not here. The second are those that support these patriots with logistical support and other resources. The last and final group are those who are the oppressors and those who are apathetic to the oppression lending their support to oppression with their silence. What you have to ask yourself is what group will you be in?


*Plate carrier by Hard Point Equipment*

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Bundy Ranch SitRep April 16 2014

Much of what I have heard about what was going on down here is total bullshit. There are no drones or SWAT teams. I haven’t seen any snipers or anything like desert buggies or MRAPs. However there are some things that are happening here that are far worse and under reported, just much less newsworthy for the mainstream media.

A large mass grave was found recently full of Bundy Ranch cattle. It seems that the BLM contractors drove many of the cows to their deaths and either scooped them up or dragged the dead bodies with some kind of vehicle to the grave. The BLM, or their contractors, have destroyed many of the corrals and water tanks that are located on the leased land. Only since some professional personal security have shown up and volunteered have the Bundys felt much safer. The main threat now is trying to recover from the destruction of the BLM and from any left wing whackos that might have a problem with the family standing up for their rights.

I am lucky enough to be volunteering with the personal security detail and will give you more updates as the week goes on. Stay tuned to for real honest coverage of the events here in Bunkerville NV.

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Bundy Ranch Sitrep

I arrived just in time today to watch Mr. Bundy give an interview to Sean Hannity remotely. There are about 40 militiamen scattered around the turn off to the Bundy ranch, and an internal security group that is organized and well trained. For OpSec purposes I can’t say how many. There are children playing in the yard and swimming in the tiny creek out front. As the sun is setting over the NV desert we just sat down to dinner with the Bundys and their extended family. You automatically get the feeling these are ‘Salt of the Earth’ people.

Two days after the BLM pulled out, the area seems almost abandoned except for a small group of friends and family. Beside the group of heavily armed volunteers, you wouldn’t know anything is different here, the ranch is still running as normal

There have been a lot of rumors floating around about a lot of things, and the majority of them are untrue. There is no sign of any feds, and it don’t seem like they will be back anytime soon

Stay tuned for more updates from TheHossUSMC on location at the Bundy Ranch, Bunkerville, Nevada

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BLM v Bundy Phase 2

Photo by Rob Cameron

Photo by Rob Cameron

In April 1775, the colonist militias successfully thwarted a British attack on the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and weapon cashes in Concord without firing a single shot. Their demonstration of unified strength, rallied by the cries of men like Paul Revere, forced the British to terminate their planned operation to confiscate weapons.

These patriots won the day, but were unable to forge that victory into a peaceful restraint on the Crown’s desire to subjugate the Colonies. The British merely regrouped to consider the political and newly realized tactical implications to accomplish their objective.

Officially, the BLM has stated that it only suspended its roundup operation in lieu of “safety considerations”, and that it still intends to resolve the dispute “administratively and judicially”.

We must make all efforts to cement this weekend’s victory with immediate legislative restraint on the BLM and corresponding agencies. Now is the time for our legislature to demonstrate that it holds the interest of the people and the peace of this nation in the highest priority. Our president, who comments immediately on open state murder trials, has yet to utter a word on a matter to which he has direct oversight.

We must advocate that the BLM:
1) Be removed of its authority to unilaterally effect any closures of public land; and that any court-ordered limited-closure must be enforced exclusively at the discretion of the local duly-elected sheriff of the county whose borders contain the public lands in question; and

2) That the states be given the authority to define, or direct a process to determine, the applicability of federal legislation regarding public lands within its borders that has not been specifically enumerated in the legislation but rather deferred to discretion of the agencies within the Department of the Interior or other applicable agency.

It is critical that we make use of the legislative and judicial process to reassert our rights, and work to bring the control of regulation closer to the people whom it affects.

Video: ”The Truth About the BLM”

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Stay In Your Lane


I recently read an article on the Modern Service Weapon Blog, MSW. In the article the author, Hilton Yam, gave some great advice about attending training classes with reputable instructors. I couldn’t agree more with the overall concept of seeking instruction from good sources. But the whole time I was reading his article I thought he would touch on innovation, or maybe new instructors.

Like Mr. Yam says in his article If you are seeking SWAT instruction it is probably a good idea to get someone who has experience in SWAT tactics, or a veteran of a SWAT team to teach you. However I didn’t hear him speak of innovation. Thing like SEAL teams and SWAT are not divinely imparted on the world by a benevolent god of war from Vahalla. These tactics are honed from years of experience and/or forward thinkers. I think that mentioning the fact that there can be innovation in tactics from relative amateurs is worth noting.

I also think that Mr. Yam did not give enough credit due to people who are professionals and forward thinkers who have a lot to offer people who may not be in a similar profession. Let me explain. Massad Ayoob has been a police officer and firearms manipulation instructor for longer than most of us in the industry have been alive. He has certainly never been on a SEAL team, but I would recommend one of his courses to everyone no matter what job they hold.

I have a personal friend, whom asked me not to mention his name, who trained different elements of our military in long range shooting instruction. My friend is not even a veteran, but he has something to offer anyone who wants to understand shooting concepts.

I have another friend who is a young man and a civilian who is a life long shooter and competitor. He is self driven and picked up a lot of his knowledge in classes. His ability to understand concepts and then relate those concepts to other people makes him a far superior teacher of those concepts than someone else who may have more experience, but no teaching ability.

In closing I’d say I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Yam that people should generally stick to what they know, but I’d say that we shouldn’t discount the innovators out there.  Common sense and google is your friend when investigating an instructor or a certain line of instruction. If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

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Death of Mikhail Kalashnikov, The Passing of an Era


Mikhail Kalashnikov died today of old age. The iconic designer of the AK-47 style rifle, the PKM, the RPK, and other Russian weapons. I remember an interview with him many years ago where he said he wished he would be remembered as an inventor and tinkerer as well as his weapons designs.

I called Tim from the Military Arms Channel and was chatting with him about how this was really the end of an era. There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in firearms technology since World War 2. Many designs are based on the Kalashnikov or Stoner Designs. Other technologies, such as projectiles, haven’t really been improved on either.

While it is sad that such a great designer as Mikhail Kalashnikov is dead, I hope this ushers in a new era of firearms technology. A lot of things have been tried from rocket bullets to cartridgeless projectiles, but I think the future is in energy based weapons. There is a long way to go to figure out powering them and making them lethal, but our next great gun designers might come from the science geeks instead of machinists.

So I’ll raise a glass tonight for one of the greatest weapons designers the world has ever seen, I look hopefully into the future for exciting and innovative times.


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New Multicam Patterns

Multicam, developed by Crye Precision, stormed the scene in the tactical world a few years ago. It has been adopted by some US Army units, and it looks like it may be adapted universally in the near future. Crye Precision recently released several new patterns that are specific to certain climates though. So lets go check em out.

multicam_aridMulticam Arid

This pattern is similar to the original sans a lot of the green. I like this color and think it would be great for many dry areas. I can see dudes in parts of the Afghanistan benefiting from this pattern.


multicam_tropicMulticam Tropic

Having spent some time in the jungles of Okinawa and Singapore I can see where this pattern would come in great use. However I like this pattern the least out of the new ones.


multicam_alpineMulticam Alpine

This is by far the most needed camo in my opinion. There have been lots of winter/ snow camouflage over the years, but this one I like the best out of what I have seen. Hopefully people start making covering garments in this pattern.


multicam_black Multicam Black

This one is by far the coolest pattern. I don’t see a ton of practical uses for this pattern for most people, but I like it the best. One thing people tell me often is that black is great for night or urban ops, and what I always point out to them is that concrete is still grey and grass is still green at night.

Stay tuned for more in the future on the new Multicam patterns.

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